IECRM Wrapped Up its First-Ever Pre-Apprenticeship with Sky-Rocketing Success!

On Wednesday, June 30, IECRM graduated its first class of students in the AMPLIFY electrical pre-apprenticeship program. Within this diverse group of men and women were represented military veterans, African American community members, Latinx community members, current high school students, […]

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CEO LETTER: Welcome to the All-Star Issue of IECRM News

It seems appropriate at this point in time, with all we’ve accomplished and those we’ve honored, to talk about what an all-star is and who becomes an all-star – especially in the electrical industry. We have so many “all-star” accomplishments […]

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IECRM Launches AMPLIFY: A Career Discovery Experience for High School Students and Job Seekers

In mid-April, IECRM announced AMPLIFY, its pre-apprenticeship training program that starts next week on  June 8, 2021. AMPLIFY is a dynamic experience of career discovery in the electrical trade for high school students and job seekers who are pondering their […]

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