For over 30 years, the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) has been the leading electrical and renewable energy contractor association in Colorado.  Representing more than 200 member companies and educating over 1,500 electrical apprentices and licensed electricians annually, IECRM is dedicated to educating, promoting, and advancing the electrical industry.

IECRM Training is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides the education required to obtain and retain electrical licensure. 4-Year Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program. continuing education, and safety classes for licensed electricians and their supporting staff.
The IECRM contractor association is a 501c6 non-profit organization that provides free seminars, professional development courses, networking events, legislative advocacy, leadership training programs, and partners with product manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers to provide a strong network of quality resources and the best prices to IECRM member contractors.

The association has built the skills of thousands of industry leaders and business owners through IECRM’s educational programs, which are approved and regulated by The Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools Board.

IECRM is focused on elevating the quality of workforce within Colorado and Wyoming. IECRM is focused on helping promote viable, sustainable, free market business opportunities. IECRM is the second largest chapter of a national network of nearly 70 other Independent Electrical Contractor (IEC) affiliates across the country. IECRM is a leader at the local and national level.

IECRM is focused on industry advancement and business promotion for the member companies of the association.

IECRM provides vital industry support and leading programs for hundreds of independent contracting and affiliate companies across the Rocky Mountain region.

Why become a member of IECRM?

2013 Year in Review NewsletterAs a member company of IECRM, you open up your business to countless benefits to enhance your business, including:

Check out our 2013 Year in Review Newsletter (pictured right).

In addition to your local membership with IECRM, you will also be connected as a member of our national association, IEC, providing you with further benefits designed to improve your productivity, increase your jobsite safety, represent the open market contracting industry at the Federal level, and programs to bolster your bottom line.

IECRM is in business to support YOU!

To learn more about IECRM and how we can help make your business more profitable, contact us at 303-853-4886 or by email.

Part of a National Network

IECRM is the Rocky Mountain Chapter of IEC. Founded in 1957, the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) is a national trade association for merit shop electrical and systems contractors. IEC believes in developing and fostering a stronger economy through the level of quality and services its members provide to the industry. Drawing from the dedication and desire of contractors in the independent sector, our country is able to benefit from a flexible array of services and competitive pricing which helps maintain an affordable level of costs on utilities and communication.

  • There are currently 694,900 electricians in the workforce with a 9% unemployment rate.
  • 87.7% of electricians are merit shop, meaning that an overwhelming majority of this industry’s workforce does not belong to a union.
  • 11% of electricians are self-employed.
  • Electricians contribute to one of America’s biggest industries, construction; in December of 2011, spending on construction was $816,383 million and is expected to steadily increase.

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