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General Statement of Privacy

Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (“IECRM”) respects the privacy of its members and of those who visit this site. Subject to the provisions of applicable laws, any information you submit to Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain will not be used in any manner to which you have not consented. While IECRM does analyze its website logs to monitor the flow of traffic and make improvements to the site’s content, its website logs are not personally identifiable, and no attempt to link them to individual visitors to this site is currently made.


Personally Identifiable Information

We do not collect personally identifiable information about you on the IECRM website without your knowledge or action. Your information is collected through the contact form, event registration form, class registration form, and membership registration form, emails sent to any email at, and/ or e-mail newsletter registration form. This information includes, but is not limited to, your name (first and last), company name, company address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, and credit card information. You should be aware that if you disclose any information on a bulletin board or in a chat room or other open forum that is hosted by IECRM, others may collect that information to send you unsolicited information from outside IECRM, or for other purposes.

Use of Personally Identifiable Information

We reserve the option to share your contact information with certain third parties. These can include other IECRM Members, service providers, contractors, or affiliate companies. You will always have the ability to opt out from receiving information from IECRM.


Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-personally identifiable Information includes, but is not limited to, information we automatically collect on your use and/or actions on our website (e.g., user traffic patterns, page views on the site, click-through rates, search terms that users enter into our search utility). In addition, when a visitor arrives at our site, we collect the IP address, operating system, and browser software used. An IP address (which is not the same as an e-mail address) can tell us the user’s internet service provider and, based on that, can suggest the geographic location of the connection. IECRM recognizes that certain user information of a key demographic nature (e.g., race, age, gender, national origin, income), while non-personally identifiable Information, is still of a sensitive nature to users. As a general matter, IECRM does not collect such information about you through the website. However, in recognition of the sensitive nature of such information, in the event IECRM comes into possession of such information, whether through your voluntary submission of such information in response to a special feature on the website or by receiving such information from any of our business partners, such information shall, when coupled with any of your personally identifiable information, itself be deemed to be personally identifiable information and treated by IECRM as such.


Use of Non-personally identifiable information

As a general matter, non-personally identifiable Information helps us determine how the website is being used, helps us identify popular areas of the website, and helps determine the effectiveness of our promotional activities regarding the website.

Third Party use of personal information

IECRM’s website contains links to other internet websites, including co-branded, members, or other affiliated sites. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites, including such sites’ use of any information.



You understand and agree that “perfect” security does not exist anywhere, including on the Internet. When you send credit card information, we encrypt this information between your computer and our server. Other information you send to this site, including email messages, will not be encrypted unless we advise you otherwise. Our website is protected by a firewall and monitored for security.


Merchant Services

You may be able to access certain information related to third parties at the site, or via links, banner ads or click throughs from the site, regarding the goods or services of affiliates, members and third parties. You understand and agree that your access to or use of those services is a matter entirely between you and the associated third parties, and IECRM shall have no liability whatsoever for any such access or use.


Legal Disclaimer

This site provides information designed to help users cope with their own business, industry, and other needs. This information is not the same as retaining experts in those fields for advice. Although we go to great lengths to ensure the information is accurate, we strongly recommend you consult an expert, including but not limited to a lawyer, accountant, financial services consultant, or other professional as appropriate. Nothing contained in this website is to be considered as the rendering of legal, financial, professional or other advice for specific cases, and users are responsible for obtaining such advice from their own legal, financial or other counsel. The information contained on this site is intended for educational, background and informational purposes only.


Correcting, Updating or Deleting Information

The website gives users the option to contact Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain administrators in order to correct, update or delete any information previously provided to us by the user; however, we will maintain copies of user information to the extent retained as part of our website’s standard backup/archive process. In addition, these procedures will not remove such information that has been provided by you to, or collected from you by, the websites of our business partners. We are not responsible for ensuring the removal or deletion from the websites of our business partners of your information provided by us to our business partners as permitted by you or otherwise in accordance with this Privacy Statement.


To make changes to your contact information, or to opt out of receiving information, please contact us in one of the following ways:

– Send an e-mail to

– Send a written request to:

Director of Operations
Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain


11429 Pearl Street

Northglenn, CO 80233

-Call us at 303-853-4886


Changes to This Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is available at all times to all users of the website at // Any material changes to this privacy policy will be communicated to users through this web page. Users are responsible for making use of this resource to stay up to date on the privacy policy.


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