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The disconnecting means for shore power to a boat shall be readily accessible, located not more than ______ from the receptacle it controls, and shall be located in the supply circuit ahead of the receptacle.

A. 30″         B. 5′         C. 6′       D. 36″

Answer: A  (2017 NEC 555.

IECRM Membership…Make it Count!

Dear Members and Friends,
“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

APPRENTICE SPOTLIGHT: Andrea Quaint Took Her Own Turn as Princess for a Day

On a chilly Saturday evening in December, after a long week working in her regular uniform of work boots, hard hat, safety vest, safety glasses, and gloves, Andrea Quaint donned a very different kind of uniform with white long gloves, a floor-length gown lit with LED lights, a crown fashioned of crystals and lights, and even a glowing wand.

How Can You Help?

At this difficult time, it’s important for each of us to pitch in where we are able. And it feels great to help others and the cause! There are several things each of us can do to contribute to stemming the tide of this awful virus, in addition to social distancing and increased hygiene.

Emergency Preparedness: COVID-19 and Lessons We are Learning

The IECRM Monthly Safety Forum was the perfect opportunity for IECRM members and partners to come together on a live-online forum to discuss COVID-19, workplace issues, and the impact on electrical contractors by this current health crisis. Four subject-matter experts and 65 IECRM members and staff participated on Wednesday, March 25th in the 90-minute webinar.

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