July 2, 2021

IECRM Wrapped Up its First-Ever Pre-Apprenticeship with Sky-Rocketing Success!

On Wednesday, June 30, IECRM graduated its first class of students in the AMPLIFY electrical pre-apprenticeship program. Within this diverse group of men and women were represented military veterans, African American community members, Latinx community members, current high school students, recently graduated high school students, college graduates, and individuals entering their second career. In other words: exactly the audience the AMPLIFY program sought to attract.

IECRM’s AMPLIFY Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship Program launched on June 8th with 12 participants who were eager to learn more about the electrical industry and whether or not this would be a viable career path for them. During this 30-hour program, pre-apprentices earned micro-credentials related to tool identification, conduit bending, device identification and installation, hand and power tool identification, usage, and safety; and simple circuitry. Additionally, participants earned their CPR, First Aid, AED, and OSHA 10 certifications. The goal of the AMPLIFY program is to equip the pre-apprentices with the knowledge and skills which will make them the ideal apprentice should they choose to enter into the industry.

The AMPLIFY Program concluded with a graduation ceremony for the same 12 individuals who started on this journey and each one of them received certificates validating the micro-credentials they had earned during the past three weeks. Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, graduates were welcomed into an exclusive hiring fair where IECRM contractors were excited to talk to the pre-apprentices and determine if they would be a good fit within their company.  Based on the feedback received from the contractor members who were present, they were quite impressed with the quality of the AMPLIFY pre-apprentices and look forward to meeting the next graduating class.



It is uncertain exactly when the next AMPLIFY Program will open for application. We do know we will review the successes as well as the areas of improvement from this first running of the program to ensure as we move forward each class is a bit better than the last. If you would like to learn more about the AMPLIFY Program, please feel free to contact IECRM’s Education & Workforce Development Coordinator, Londell Jackson, at or (303) 848-2401.