February 2, 2021

A Message from IECRM’s CEO: Marilyn Akers Stansbury

In last month’s issue of this newsletter, we shared IECRM’s plans for the New Year in light of the unexpected challenges of 2020 and the excitement to be more nimble and agile to refresh, renew, and reset with greater speed. This month, we encourage Rekindling, Revitalizing, and Rejuvenating our relationships with each other in our industry. Now, more than ever, it’s important to create a “loving” environment as we work to infuse more innovation, more courage, and more enthusiasm for different programming, services, products and learning.

What is essential and clear is loving the work we all do – in and for the industry – and the pride and fulfillment we derive from it. Show your love of your electrical projects and embrace your team and employees by nominating them for a Summit Award! Read more below.

Everyone is so ready to re-connect! I recognize how the pandemic has impacted our relationships with each other and the need to rekindle them.  When starting or stoking a fire you know that with kindling, the smallest spark can become a roaring blaze. Once the fire has reached its full potential, you know you must fuel and maintain it to stay strong. Keep stoking the fire with us and attend the IECRM Member Forums, join a committee, enroll in new professional development courses and register for upcoming virtual and in person events

Join me and the IECRM team to rekindle and keep our relationships, partnerships, and friendships blazing. We know that light at the end of the tunnel was placed there by an electrician and we continue this year to propel our energy forward and embrace the strength of our commitment to a common objective – to ensure the electrical contracting and renewable energy sectors — and you — flourish.

In this issue…

  • IECRM is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2021! Our 40th-anniversary logo, in the shape of a ruby gemstone, will remind us of the love that has sustained our chapter for four decades. Read more
  • It’s time to gear up for the 2021 Summit Awards! Nominations are now open. We will celebrate the winners at an extraordinary experience on Thursday, April 29th. Read more
  • Once again, we are offering 1:1 consulting to help you prepare the best Summit Award nomination possible. Read more
  • Nominations are now open to recognize excellence in safety among our Rocky Mountain members. Read more about IECRM’s 2020 SPARK Safety Award winner and the New Safety award category for 2021.
  • Colorado Construction & Design (CCD) magazine’s Winter-Spring issue will feature IECRM in its special annual supplement, Today’s Electrical Contractor. CCD has discounted space for IECRM members who want to participate this year. Learn more about the opportunity. (story link) Deadline: February 19. Read more
  • Meet Nate Arnold, president of Northglenn Winlectric, featured in our Platinum Partner Spotlight this month. Read more
  • IEC National’s Convention & Expo will be held in Denver this coming October! IEC’s Call for Presentation Proposals is open. Be sure to gear up to have a strong presence at this year’s IEC-CON. Read more

Let’s rekindle our commitment to our industry, and continue to stand strong together.


Marilyn Akers Stansbury