February 1, 2021

PLATINUM PARTNER Spotlight: Nate Arnold, Northglenn Winlectric

“Pros Like You”


Electrical contractors need partners who understand their needs and share the same “get it done right” attitude. Not only that, contractors need local access with national power and reach.

Northglenn Winlectric became an IECRM Platinum Partner in 2012 with the intent of providing such service to IECRM members. As a Denver-based division of Winsupply, Inc., they provide contractors with a wide range of products, expertise, and online/offline solutions to support their businesses. Winsupply encourages entrepreneurship. As a local Winsupply owner, Nate Arnold, Northglenn Winlectric President, has realized the benefits of ownership where he can make local decisions but has national backing to serve the electrical contracting and renewable energy sectors up and down the Front Range.

Nate has owned Northglenn Winlectric for nine years specializing in commercial, residential, and service electrical distribution with the advantage of national buying power. “Our parent company believes in helping capable hard-working people achieve their dreams,” says Nate. “They have enabled me to own and operate my own wholesale distribution business.”

The “Spirit of Opportunity” philosophy motivates Northglenn Winlectric’s business decision making. “That means we strive to create loyal, profitable, and happy customers by offering superior solutions for their everyday needs and unique challenges,” adds Nate.

Tell us about your partnership with IEC National and with IECRM…

“IECRM is extraordinarily important to me and our business. Not only are the members some of our best customers, they run and operate their own businesses,” says Nate. “The IECRM apprentice training program is incredibly important for contractors in the sector. It’s a place to go to learn the trade, for sure. But it’s also a resource for running a business well.”

Nate went on to emphasize that “the importance of an equally viable option to a traditional four-year college degree is essential in today’s economic environment. In fact, often working as an electrician can be more lucrative and rewarding than a bachelor’s degree.”

What is the most strategic service you provide to electrical contractors and the renewable energy industry?

“Winlectric is one of the few distributors a contractor can go to and talk directly to the person who makes the decisions. Our customer relationships are predicated on that access,” says Nate. “Having decision-maker access allows us to provide flexible, fast service and deliveries to our customers.”

Tell us more about your “get it done right” attitude and “We Are Pros Like You” positioning. What underpins these phrases and makes them more than just slogans?

“The importance of on-time performance and accuracy is crucial in our business. We aren’t perfect, but that’s what we strive for,” says Nate. “We work to build a team that can develop a partnership with our customers that is way more than just buying and selling. We want to do business the right way and to us, that means making our customers’ lives a little easier if we can.

“‘Pros Like You’ simply reiterates that our customers’ business is just as important to us as it is to them,” adds Nate. “Whether you spend $200 or $2 million, we lead with a deep understanding of your business and believe that gives us the ability to connect with customers on that level.”

Favorite part of your job…

“The relationships we’ve built with both our customers and vendors is what I enjoy most,” says Nate. “They are real people who are not only fun but very important to us. We try and do more than just business for our customers like our ProRewards, customer trips, golf outings, and more to demonstrate our thanks to the people we do business with. This is definitely my favorite part of the job.”

How has the pandemic impacted Northglenn Winlectric?

“We’ve been extremely fortunate in this industry to endure through the pandemic and continue to operate as safely as possible. We’ve avoided any business shutdowns and we promote recommended safety standards like social distance at our counter and masks worn when social distancing is not possible,” Nate points out. “We understand that everyone has a different approach to this tough situation and we appreciate and respect everyone’s safety. Outside some of these measures, we are operating as usual.”