November 2, 2021

New Requirement for OJT Hours

Effective October 1, 2021, IECRM will now be requiring all students to record Work Reports for On-the-job training hours per our agreement with Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC). EGTC gives college credit hours to students to further their education after the completion of our program. These credits can be used at any Colorado Community College for an Associates Degree in Applied Science or CSU Global for a Bachelor’s degree of their choosing.

The policy has been added to section 25.0 in the Student Handbook

It is required by all students to record their monthly on-the-job training (OJT) hours in Flashpoint. Contractors must approve the submitted hours through their company profile on Flashpoint. OJT hours must be industry-related. This requirement meets standards set by EGTC. Audits will be done quarterly by IECRM staff. In the event hours are not recorded the student will not receive full credit hours as part of the EGTC agreement.

For EGTC credit you must submit at least 270 approved OJT hours by the end of each semester. Fast Track Students must submit a minimum of 540 approved OJT hours by the end of each semester. 

Regular Start Apprenticeship classes will need to start recording hours as of October 1, 2021 for this current semester. Fast Track students will need to begin with August 2021. OJT Work Reports will need to be submitted at the end of each month (by the student) during their apprenticeship training at IECRM. All industry-related hours will count towards OJT, such as Project Manager or Estimator.

Students participating in the Office of Apprenticeship (OA) program will have no change as they are required to track OJT as part of the program.
Contractors will need to approve the submitted hours once a month through Flashpoint.

Instructions on how to enter OJT (Student): //

Instructions on how to approve OJT (Contractor): //

How to: Approve Student OJT Work Reports

  1. Log into FlashPoint: //
  2. Navigate to My Company
  3. Click on Work Reports
  4. The list defaults to the Status of “Under Review”
  5. You may filter to locate other statuses by using the blue filter under Status
  6. To see a specific Work Report with hours by day and total, click on the yellow row.
    Note: if you click on the student’s name underlined in blue, you are taken to the student’s profile page, not the work reports.
  7. To Approve or Reject a Work Report you will select the month(s) by using the checkbox and select Approve or Reject Selection. You are done! The student will receive an email that the work report has been approved.
  8. If you have Rejected a work report, you need to Edit the Work Report by opening up the Rejected work report and going to Actions and Select Edit Hours. You can “unlock” the report and remove the “submitted date” for the Student to resubmit, or you can edit the hours if needed. The student will receive an email that the work report has been rejected.

Pro Tip: Instead of losing your navigation when you open up new pages or records, click on little box with an arrow // open up an individual record to a new tab, or control “click” to open up additional tabs.