November 2, 2021

Call for Committee Involvement

Maximize Your IECRM Membership

Getting the most out of your involvement in IECRM is the objective of every member of the association. Our committees help contribute, guide and influence the direction of the organization. 

Here are the top benefits of joining an IECRM Committee:

1.      Experience – Experience how IECRM works and the effort that goes into making the association successful!

2.      Relationships/Networking – Build relationships with other industry professionals. 

3.      Brand Building –  It’s not just about who you know—it’s about who knows you!

4.      Development – Uncovering business insights you can utilize in your professional and personal development!

5.      Leadership Opportunities – Through active participation on a committee, you will have the

opportunity to someday become a board member

6.      Service – Contribute to the growth and future success of the organization

7.      Pay it Forward – Give back to the industry by making a difference in committee involvement

8.      A chance for people to see you in action – show people how great you are!

9.      Community – IECRM is made up of a community of professionals that are innovative, hard-working, and motivated

10.   Insider Sneak Peaks – You’ll know what’s happening before everyone else!

Click here to see a list of our committees and to sign up.