March 26, 2019

IECRM’s Marilyn Stansbury Named One of DBJ’s 2019 Top Women in Energy

For the fifth year, the Denver Business Journal’s Top Women in Energy program recognizes 40 women who are key influencers in metro Denver’s energy sector.

These women come from a variety of industries within the sector, such as exploration, production, engineering, renewable, law, well services, finance, manufacturing, education, training, public policy, and environment. Among them is IECRM’s CEO Marilyn Akers Stansbury.

The award was created to honor female leaders in the industry who have succeeded in initiatives that will have a lasting impact on the profession or how we receive or use energy.

Reflecting on this award, Marilyn says, “I’m honored to be among this group of women. Often, electrical contracting is not represented within the energy category. That does seem to be changing, however. The fact is that we are not going to use less electricity tomorrow than we do today, but we will use it more efficiently and in different ways. Whether it is generated by oil and gas, solar, water, or wind, power will be transmitted by electricity. We did not arrive at our work sites today without the use of electricity in our homes, our businesses, or on today’s smart roadways via our cars, public transportation or an electric scooter. The only resource we use more than electricity is water, and it takes electricity to deliver that water into our communities. A diverse energy mix overall and rapidly evolving technology innovation in lighting, building automation, and systems infrastructure translates to more effective and efficient energy utilization.”

Being recognized among a heavily oil and gas and utility dominated competition is indeed validation that the electrical sector is becoming increasingly acknowledged as a vital part of energy production and delivery. Without electricity, pumping for oil or harvesting natural gas would not efficiently function nor would refinement and delivery of those resources be possible without electricity. From the ground to transmission to the final application, electricity is woven into the DNA of almost all of the energy industry’s processes and it’s important that electrical contracting be recognized for its role in making this world a better, safer and more comfortable place.

Marilyn and the other honorees will be celebrated at a VIP reception on Tuesday, April 23 at the Hyatt Regency Denver beginning at 5:30pm. Congratulations, Marilyn!!