March 23, 2019

MEMBER BENEFIT: IEC National Forums: Members Helping Members Achieve More

If you are a member of IECRM, you have learned there is much more to membership than when you first joined. Beyond the benefits provided through the Rocky Mountain chapter, you also have access to IEC National Benefits like IEC’s National Forums which help members achieve excellence in a non-competitive environment.

What is a National IEC Forum?

Groups of electrical contractor principals with similar business profiles but from different geographic areas meet regularly to discuss matters of business and personal interest. Forum participation is an exclusive benefit for IEC members. These exchanges provide:

  • A confidential, trustful environment for education and idea exchanges
  • Advice and problem solving on business and personal issues
  • Integration of business and personal considerations
  • Personal growth
  • Support
  • Networking opportunities
  • Idea exchange on job safety
  • Promoting apprenticeship and training of electrical workers.

How do the IEC Forums work?

IEC forums set their own rules and organize their own meetings. They typically meet a few times a year and often schedule meetings to coincide with IEC National conferences. Successful forums result when the members freely and openly interact with each other, and they are successful because they truly become a group concerned with the well-being and business success of each other. Forums are characterized by the extremely high level of personal respect shared among all members, along with the atmosphere of trust and openness to advance the goals of the members. Topics like tracking labor, field employee compensation, training programs and incentives, hiring policies, managing cash flow, even succession planning are discussed.

“Forums provide an opportunity to share ideas, learn from others and gain important business knowledge through networking. We virtually have contacts all over the country that we can turn to for assistance. The ability to intimately discuss financial and business concerns with folks that are facing the exact challenges and issues in a different market is invaluable. The knowledge, experience, and wisdom represented in our Forum group has greatly helped us to become more proficient, more efficient, and more profitable.”

– Gary Golka, Golka Electric & 2019 President, IEC National Board of Directors.

“The most valuable benefit our company derives from our Forum is learning the trials and tribulations of other contractors and bein
g able to share information in a non-competitive market.”

– Janet Martin, Bret’s Electric

How to join a Forum Group

If you are an IECRM member, you’re just one step away from one of the most important business opportunities of your life. Please contact IEC National at 703-549-7351 with any questions, and get started in joining a forum group!*

*Please note that due to the confidentiality/non-competing nature of these forums, it may take some time to be able to join a forum group. IEC National Staff will keep you informed during the process and do everything possible to enroll you in a forum as soon as space is available. Depending on the current forum group’s need for additional participants, IEC National may elect to assemble new forums.