September 10, 2021


Working with Your Local Workforce & Business Center and How It Can Support Your Business

IECRM is honored to provide our members with value-rich forums that pertain to our industry. Below you will find a bulleted recap of the discussion and helpful links to resources.

Watch the VIDEO RECORDING of this week’s forum:  Working with Your Local Workforce & Business Center and How It Can Support Your Business.

This Member Forum also includes important information regarding the State of Colorado’s recent COVID Executive Order and City & County of Denver COVID protocol orders impacting contractors and sub-contractors.

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Fisher & Phillips, LLP


  • Rebecca Post, Business Development
    Adams County Workforce and Business Center I O: (720) 523-2400 


COVID Updates from the State of Colorado 

How does this impact the industry?

  • State contractors that have to enter state buildings must be vaccinated.
    • Deadline for vaccinations is October 31, 2021. Denver has now adopted the 6th Public Health Order put out by the state.
    • Deadline for vaccinations is September 30, 2021.
    • City wants to see that you are making a good faith effort towards compliance in getting your workers vaccinated.  If they have contractors ignoring the mandate, they may issue citations.  Accommodations must still be made for those with sincerely held religious beliefs or health reasons that prevent them from being vaccinated.  For those with the exemptions, they are requiring weekly tests.

COVID Update Resources from Fisher & Phillips, LLP

Adams County Workforce & Business Center Resources

Workforce & Business Centers
All Services

  • No cost
  • Open to employers from any county
  • Can be coordinated with services from other counties
  • Work under umbrella of the Colorado Department of Labor
  • Federally Funded, State Administered, Locally Controlled
  • Braided Funding and Blended Funding are Important
  • What is the Workforce Center?
    • Job Seeker Services
    • Business Services
    • Temporary Assistance Needy Families (TANF)
      • Basic Cash Assistance
    • Employment First (volunteer workfare sites)
    • Veterans Program
    • Youth Succeed!
  • What is Business Services?
    • Job Posting on Connecting Colorado
    • Assessments (Inspiring Minds – get assessments from ACWFBD Center)
      • Do you do any skill development?
      • Incumbent worker training is available.
    • Screening
    • Job Fairs/Hiring Events
    • Labor Market Information (tells you if you are paying a competitive wage)
    • Rapid Response (Lay-Off Aversions.  If a company is laying off employees, they provide information about the Workforce Center and how to get benefits to assist them after layoff).
    • Employer Workshops
    • Sector Partnerships (supported by Workforce and Economic Development)
    • Training/Re-Training (Work-Based Learning)
      • On-the Job Training (OJT) the workforce center will pay up to 50% of their wages (up to $5000 towards onboarding and training for the position they are hired for).
      • Registered apprenticeship
      • Pre-Apprenticeship
      • Internship/Subsidized Employment – Adult 
        • Workforce will pay for their wages and workman’s comp for about three months or so.
        • Employer picks candidates from those sent by the workforce center.
      • Workforce Experience – Youth programs to train youth for the workforce.  Workforce centers are looking for employers willing to bring the youth into the industry they are interested in.
      • Incumbent Worker Training
      • Temporary Employee Subsidy
    • What Apprenticeship Assistance does the WBC offer?
      • Apprenticeship development
      • Candidate Sourcing/assessments/screening
        • They can assist with anything in regards to apprenticeship development
      • Can assist with classroom tuition funding (paid to training institution)
      • Wage Reimbursement to the employer – OJT hours must be reported
      • Supportive services to help provide tools, PPE, books, and uniforms
      • On-going Case management
    • Why Internships, Work Experiences, Subsidized Employment
      • Internship pays a participant a training wage to learn skills
      • Employer makes no commitment to hire
      • Employer makes commitment to train, teach and mentor
      • Interns can help support current work tasks
      • Case Management support for behavioral/performance issues
      • Wage is a training wage, not prevailing wage like an OJT
    • What is Temporary Employee Subsidy?
      • When an employer needs to hire a temporary employee to perform tasks related to COVID health compliance, employee safety concerns, or to perform services that had to be adjusted directly related to COVID obstacles
      • The WBC can pay up to $50,000 in wages
      • The employer can be the “Employer of Record (EOR)”, but it is possible for the county or a temp agency to be the EOR
      • There is no training plan, so no skill gain is required
      • Temperature screeners/Sanitizers/Contact tracing/Safety plan consulting

Questions?  Please contact the Adams County Workforce and Business Center.  They help any and all throughout the State of Colorado.

WBC 720-523-2400

Employers 720-523-6890