November 23, 2021

IEC National Emerging Leaders Program


IEC National is accepting nominations for the 2022 Emerging Leaders Program (ELP), a six-month leadership development program for professionals in the electrical industry. Each year, individuals will be selected to form a class that participates in skill development workshops, networking opportunities, leadership exercises, and project development training.

Is ELP Right for You?

Being an “emerging leader” has nothing to do with age or job title. You may be an emerging leader without even knowing it, missing out on opportunities to fully liberate the leader within you!

Application Process

Apply for the 2022 Emerging Leaders Program class before the Wednesday, December 15 deadline. 



Applicants to the Emerging Leaders program must complete the following:

  • A range of short essay questions related to your experience and interest in the program.
  • Written confirmation of program participation support from the Executive Director or other senior manager of your organization (signed Employer Letter of Support—this is a form letter provided by IEC within the application).
  • One letter of recommendation from the applicant’s professional life submitted through a form sent to the recommender from within the application. Applicants may submit a second recommendation letter; however, only one is required. 

An agreement to honor the time commitment, attendance expectations, and other program participation requirements (agreement is contained within the application form). Your application will be read by IEC National staff, National Emerging Leader Committee, and the Emerging Leaders program facilitators. 

The most qualified candidates will be invited for a phone interview prior to the final selection on December 15th, 2021. The program begins in April. In the interest of developing a diverse cohort, we will accept only one applicant from an organization into the program and never accept more than two applicants per organization into the program; we seek to manage expectations accordingly.

IEC Emerging Leaders Program Timeline

October 22, 2021 Program and Application Portal Opens
December 15, 2021Application Period Closes
January 2022Application Review & Selection Period
February 7, 2022Candidates Notified
March 30, 2022 “Meet and Greet” Introductory Session and Industry Impact Project Discussion
April 7, 2022 Industry Impact Project Check-In
April 24-26, 2022 Government Affairs/Advocacy, Safety and Code & Standards  – Washington D.C.
May 12, 2022Industry Impact Project Check-In
May 26, 2022 Diversity & Inclusion, HR & Legal Overview
June 9, 2022Industry Impact Project Check-In
June 26-28, 2022           Industry Partnership/Leadership Development sponsored by IDEAL/Milwaukee Tool – Chicago, IL
July 14, 2022Time Management
July 28, 2021Human Capital Management
August 11, 2022Leadership vs Management and Fierce Conversations
August 25, 2022Public Speaking 101
September 2022Community Service Project Presentation Prep/Review
October 5-8, 2022IEC Convention & Expo/Emerging Leader Program Ceremony