November 23, 2021


To further IECRM’s policy and advocacy goals on issues that are important to support general business, workforce development, and the electrical industry, an IECRM PAC Fund was created many years ago by the association to collectively raise funds in support of legislative candidates and to advocate on behalf of IECRM members with candidates and legislators in an integral and impactful way. IECRM regularly works to build relationships and educate key decision-makers about the construction and electrical industry. It takes funding and resources to run a campaign and to engage with a collective voice for the industry. 

IECRM actively promotes issues at the federal, state, and local levels including Workforce Development, Labor & Employment, and Economic & Infrastructure Development. IECRM asks for your PAC donation to show our financial support to state legislative candidates who have – and will – support issues of importance to our industry. 

No one envies the job that legislators have ahead of them over the next few years as they fund state services with budget shortfalls from lost state revenue due to COVID-19. There were some impactful pieces of legislation that passed this session that businesses must now implement. It is critical for our voices in the industry to be heard at the State Capitol. 

There is still time for your individual financial contribution to make a significant difference to the candidates and initiatives we support. Please make a donation of any amount up to $675 directly to the IECRM PAC Fund. This will enable IECRM to provide funds to candidates in highly contested races or to support candidates in the caucus events just prior to the January 2021 legislative session. 

Make your individual donation today to the IECRM PAC Fund.

If you would like to become a member of the IECRM Government Relations Committee or learn more about IECRM’s policy and advocacy work, please contact or visit IECRM Committees //