April 23, 2020

The Show Must Go On!

2020 Summit Awards:  New Date, New Categories, New Deadlines

Each year, IECRM recognizes excellence in the electrical construction and green building fields with its prestigious awards ceremony and banquet. The 2020 IECRM Summit Awards was destined for change! The event task force found an exquisite new venue to take our annual event to the next level — The Cable Center at DU. The planning for this celebration was well underway when we were all thrown a curveball with the COVID-19 pandemic.

IECRM, like all of your companies, quickly switched gears. Instead of welcoming our apprentices back to campus after a well-deserved spring break, planning fun and exciting industry networking events, and showing a strong presence in the crowded halls of our state’s capitol building, IECRM has been working in overdrive to move all classes and CEUs online, gathering trusted legal resources and partnerships to support our members and their workforces, and rescheduling key events during this quickly changing environment.

The new date for The Summit Awards Banquet is Thursday, August 13th, at the beautiful Cable Center. The nominations deadline for awards has been extended to Tuesday, June 30, giving you plenty of time to craft the perfect submission! We have also added a new award category this year to recognize our members that have gone above and beyond to show support for the community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Now more than ever, it is important to recognize excellence in our industry and celebrate the dedication and hard work of our essential employees. Whether we are able to come together as a large group of more than 200 at our new venue or limited to coming together virtually, nominations are needed.  If you love what you do and are proud of your work and your people, be sure to enter because the show must go on!

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Why enter the Summit Awards?  Why enter awards at all?


  • Demonstrate your amazing talents and skills to the rest of the electrical contracting and construction sectors.
  • Raise your company’s profile and provide the opportunity for you to gain positive PR.
  • Help you earn a place and a ranking in your business.
  • Cut through the clutter of competing information in the marketplace and provide you with a point of difference.
  • Differentiate your company.
  • Shine a light on what your company contributed during the historic time of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Provide staff with the kind of morale boost that comes from beating the competition and basking in the spotlight of your industry.
  • Help attract new business.

The IECRM Summit Awards is a premier industry event and represents an unparalleled opportunity to celebrate the work of your employees. You can enter more than one category as long as the work is relevant.

Questions about nominating your company or a colleague for an award? Never submitted before but want to this year? Contact IECRM CEO Marilyn Akers Stansbury at or 303.853.4886.


Checklist for a Winning Summit Awards Submission:

Understand and articulate “why”:  What about your submission has had the most relevant impact, solved a problem, or achieved a specific goal i.e. more environmentally efficient, more productive energy usage, a design and construction that had to accommodate what? Make this what you lead with when you start describing your work. Why did you do what you did? Why did you believe you would be the best match for the project? Why is it significant? What is its impact?

Have a plan of attack: It’s a really good idea to do a draft beforehand, work out to the word count if there is one, and allow enough time.

Be sure your response actually answers the question: This means addressing specified criteria and making responses relevant to the question being asked. Also, provide a unique response for each question rather than cutting and pasting the same one for each.

Be clear. Be succinct. Don’t waffle: Some judges prefer information presented in bullet points; others prefer long-form. But whichever you use, the information needs to be easily accessible. Perhaps you can use a mix of both.

Write with confidence: It may seem obvious but being hesitant or uncertain within an awards submission is not a great look when you are vying to be named the best in the category. At the same time be authentic, yet humble.

Provide evidence: A great statement is one thing, but taking the extra step to provide supporting evidence or metrics to back up your claims goes a long way. It comes down to relevance. Give context and pinpoint relevance.

Include facts and figures: Tying financial impacts to a particular strategy or decision made does prove your success. Don’t rely solely on numbers, however.

Provide feedback from outsiders: What have third parties said about your work. Provide information and testimonials from the customer or an inspector…allow them to say about you what you legitimately could not credibly say about yourself. This will further distinguish your entry.

Don’t make assumptions: Never assume that the judges are going to do additional research about your entry. Make sure that you are very clear as to what makes you worthy of the award.

Use spell check and be consistent: typos and grammar errors do not instill confidence in the words in the entry. Make sure that the facts you use are consistent and reliable.

Make it fun and enjoyable: Sometimes there are a number of submissions to reach, so make yours stand out.  Establish a connection with the judges with something they are going to remember.