March 24, 2020

The IECRM Annual Workforce & Economic Impact Census 

Why the IECRM Contractor Census Data Matters

“As IECRM’s CEO, I’m frequently asked about the impact the industry has on the economy in Colorado,” says Marilyn Akers Stansbury. IECRM is currently conducting an annual Workforce & Economic Impact Study. This census is an opportunity for you to update IECRM on your company’s work and informs our ability to advocate for contractors.

Tell us how your company has changed in the areas of employment, industries, and geographic coverage. The aggregate data will help demonstrate the shared collective impact we have. Individual company data will not be revealed. 

We are asking that one person per contractor member company complete this census. It is important to answer every question to provide the most accurate representation of how we collectively impact the industry. Even one missing census will skew the accuracy of our results. 

We value you as our member and request that you take your census as soon as possible. If you have questions or are ready to take the census, please contact Penny Sorensen at