June 26, 2020

PLATINUM PARTNER Spotlight: Kerri Williams, IDEAL Industries Inc.

The Electrician’s Champion


For more than a century, IDEAL INDUSTRIES has served companies, electricians, and contractors across a wide range of industries – from electrical to construction and aerospace to automotive. IDEAL products have helped mankind reach from the South Pole to the Moon and they continue to pave new paths for the future.

As a growing multinational company at heart, IDEAL is a family business. J. Walter Becker started the IDEAL Commutator Dresser Company of Chicago from his mother’s kitchen with the belief that every product should be worth more than its price. “Service,” he said, “is part of the product, and when you honor relationships, success for all will follow.”

Kerri Williams serves the Denver area as Senior Area Sales Manager for IDEAL and she epitomizes J. Walter Becker’s definition of “service.” She represents her company as an IECRM Platinum Partner and engages with IECRM apprentices to help educate them on professional tools purpose-built to help them succeed in their craft.

“IDEAL believes that the future is our students and we must assist them in acquiring the proper tools for the trades they need day-in and day-out to do their good work,” says Kerri. “I learned when I was a college student that we all need assistance along the way, so it is really fulfilling to be able to give back.”

Kerri has been with IDEAL for 30 years. She grew up in Northern NJ and in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. She was a ski racer during her high school and college years. In fact, skiing is what brought Kerri to Colorado.

What is the most strategic service you provide to electrical contractors and to the renewable energy industry? 

“I always make sure to understand their respective businesses to ensure they are able to take full advantage of the many value-add products IDEAL offers,” she says. “In turn this helps to improve efficiency, job quality, and enhances the reputation of the contractor.”

Partnership with IEC National and IECRM…

For 25 years, Kerri has been working with IECRM. “I’ve always enjoyed collaborating with students to educate them on the importance of using professional tools,” says Kerri. 

Each year, IDEAL holds the IDEAL National Championship where students compete in the lab for the fastest time doing a skills challenge while using IDEAL tools, meters and termination products. “They work very hard at the local IEC chapter level to earn the best time in Colorado and thus qualify for the national competition which takes place each year in November,” she explains. “It’s a fierce competition to determine the best electrician in the world. The best of the best are present from all over the globe undertaking new challenges to win more than $600,000 in cash and prizes. Unfortunately, this year, because of the pandemic, we were forced to cancel the competition.”

IDEAL has been a Platinum partner both nationally and locally for many years. “We truly value our partnership,” she says. “Through our IDEAL 4 Students program, we offer select tools at discounted prices for every student regardless of year in school.”

About the IDEAL name…

“Our name comes from our founding principle when J. Walter Becker started the company in 1916. He believed in ideal relationships with his employees, his community, and of course his customers,” Kerri says. “They are relationships built on fairness, transparency, trust, and fellowship.”

Favorite Part of Your Job…

“I thoroughly enjoy the social events, graduations, and wire offs that are so well attended and critical for engaging with students, pros and owners,” Kerri says. “It’s my favorite part of my job!”

IDEAL Industries - IECRM Industry Partner