June 26, 2020

Inspector Perspective

IECRM and its members participate in NECA meetings to come to a consensus and make decisions that interpret the National Electrical Code for our jurisdictions that impact our field inspection and conformity of inspections. Inspectors work to assist electrical contractors that work in multiple jurisdictions with code interpretation thus strengthening and making our industry the best for all jurisdictions.

State inspectors continue to ensure that on-site industry personnel adheres to Public Health Order 20-24’s social distancing mandate and State facemask recommendations, making sure the inspection area is cleared of all workers during the inspection. The current procedures do not require the job site to be completely cleared of personnel during the inspection. Instead, the inspector will require only the inspection area to be cleared during the inspection. This procedure is in line with Public Health Order 20-24 that requires extreme social distancing and allows the state to preserve PPE.