November 18, 2016

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If you live in an area that gets wintery weather, does the first snowfall of the season seem to bring on a rash of fender benders and crashes? Even though we all know what happens to the roads in the cold weather, that first dose of winter can be a real eye-opener on how to drive on snowy, wet, and slippery roads or when visibility is poor.

To avoid getting caught off-guard when road conditions go from good to bad, a little advance preparation—for you and your car—may help you steer clear of those fender benders.
First, don’t drive unless absolutely necessary. The best way to avoid an accident is to not be on the roads in the first place. If driving is unavoidable, READ MORE

HR Question of the Month:

Employees discussing wages?

Question: I was told that it is illegal for employees to discuss their wages with a fellow employee. Could you verify if this is correct?

Response: The opposite is actually true. Employers cannot prohibit employees from discussing their salaries/wages with one another and generally cannot take adverse action against employees who do so. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) broadly defines activity that is protected under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) and the right to discuss wages is among the protected rights that employees have under this law.

Specifically, salary discussions among employees are protected under  READ MORE

A Paycheck for Life

During retirement, you will face a variety of living, medical, and discretionary expenses. To cover these, your retirement nest egg should ideally replace at least 75 percent of your current income.

Don’t outlive your assets

A Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA) is one way to produce retirement income by converting a single lump sum payment into a guaranteed series of payments over your lifetime and/or a guaranteed period.  READ MORE

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Get ready. The brand-new website experience launches Dec. 6th

Get ready. The brand-new website experience launches Dec. 6 and we’re excited about the chance to help you in new, different and better ways. What can you expect? Head over here to see some of the most frequently asked questions, look at before and after shots and much more. In the meantime, here are a few highlights of what’s new and different:

  • Knowledge Center: An informative/educational article-based system that makes it easy for you to search and browse for the information you need.
  • Workers’ Comp 101: A new section that explains the “definition” of big workers’ comp concepts through the Pinnacol lens and will help you understand how it relates to you.
  • Get the latest and greatest news, press releases, newsletter articles and more in our News section.
  • Looking for the Pinnacol Foundation? They will have a brand new home at so don’t forget to check that out.
  • Need to access a portal (Policyholder, Injured Worker, Provider, Agent)? Don’t worry, we didn’t touch those. Everything on the portals is still the same and can be easily accessed through the clearly indicated Sign In for each.
  • We’ve also made it even easier to do the tasks you do most including reporting an injury, applying for insurance, managing your policy, learning about the world of workers’ comp and more.

Click here for more information

Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls During Winter 

Old man winter is coming, and it’s time to dust off essential safety tips that can prevent slips, trips and falls by your employees. It helps to think of two buckets of tips: one for workers, the other for worksites.
Tips for Worker Safety 
• Wear boots or overshoes with non-slip soles. Avoid shoes that have smooth soles, which increase the risk of slipping.
• Walk consciously. Be alert that you could quickly encounter an unseen patch of ice and slip.
• Avoid the temptation to run to beat traffic when crossing a street.
• Your arms help keep you balanced, so keep your hands out of your pockets and avoid carrying heavy loads that may cause you to lose your balance.
• Look ahead to see where you step. When you step on icy areas, take short, shuffling steps, curl your toes under and walk as flat-footed as possible.
• Avoid horseplay or other distractions.
• When entering or exiting your vehicles, hold onto the door or side of the vehicle for extra support.
Tips for Worksite Safety 
• Have a program and procedures to promptly remove ice and snow from parking lots, garages and sidewalks.
• Email winter weather warnings to staff, cautioning them about ice, snow and slippery surfaces at the worksite. For staff who have no email access, post notices on bulletin boards.
• Post and distribute phone and email contacts for maintenance department, encouraging employees to report icy conditions.
• Place labeled bins of ice-melting chemicals and scoops that employees can use immediately on icy patches. The bins should include instructions for handling ice melting chemicals. Secure bins so they cannot be removed.
• Provide beveled-edge mats in entrances during winter months and when it rains.
Pinnacol Resources
For more information on preventing slips, trips and falls during the coming winter months, as well as sample lists and worksite posters, visit the Resources web page at Additional resources are available on the website pages of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration and National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Or call Pinnacol’s Safety On Call hotline at 303-361-4700 or 888-501-4752. Our safety services team stands ready to answer questions and help keep your workforce on sure footing.


Pinnacol Assurance - IECRM Platinum PartnerREMINDER: All companies must complete at least two Pinnacol approved safety trainings per policy period to maintain our 4% credit.  If you have any questions about how to do those trainings or if you still need to do them please contact your agent.