January 31, 2020

Make Your Membership Really Give Back to You – Get Involved!

Of course, some reasons to serve on a committee could be that you want to make the world a better place, desire to improve the organization’s service to members and care about the cause. And serving on a committee and bringing your knowledge, energy, and expertise to the table is something that can not only benefit the organization but you as well.

Serving on an IECRM committee creates a membership experience that is engaging and meaningful by continuously providing compelling opportunities for professional enrichment. Through your committee engagement – whether you are a new member or a long-tenured one – you can achieve a deeper connection to our organization and its members.

IECRM offers you several volunteer committees that meet regularly. The committees typically each have a Chair, Co-Chair, and IECRM Staff Liaison. Committees are considered working committees, as they are responsible for tasks to advance the work of IECRM. Committees provide recommendations or pertinent issues back to the IECRM staff or full Board of Directors for review.

Take a look at the committees of IECRM, what they do, and who leads them (here).

The Emerging Leaders Committee develops and oversees the IECRM Emerging Leaders Program, a 6-month course designed to advance the business skills and network of mid-career individuals that are on the trajectory for senior-level leadership within their companies and the industry.
Chair: Jason Nagel, RK Electric


The Government Relations Committee advocates and monitors political activities in order to support legislation favorable to IECRM contractor members while opposing legislation that would negatively impact merit shop electrical contractors and independent businesses.
Chair: David Scott, Encore Electric


The Membership and Events Committee is responsible for providing high-quality benefits and value-added services to attract and retain Contractor Members and Industry Partners, assisting in the oversight of the annual calendar of events, selection and evaluation of events, and contacting members for participation and support.
Chair: Nick Lovell, Outsource


The Safety Committee plans and develops programs for members to create workforce safety awareness, works with regulatory agencies with any updates or changes to safety policies, and shares resources and safety best practices through monthly safety forums open to all IECRM members.
Liaison: Paul Lingo, IECRM


Diversity & Inclusion Committee develops strategies to recruit, retain, and recognize the diversity of people, range of interests, experiences, values, and cultural richness that define our industry and the IECRM community.
Chair: Leighland Gutierrez, Courtsey Electric


Join an IEC National Committee!

Play a vital role in the progression of our national organization to benefit all chapters and contribute to goals as written in the “Vision 2025” strategic plan.