April 23, 2020

If Job Seekers Can’t Come to IECRM, IECRM Will Come to Them 

Virtual Career Fair, Hiring and Borrowed Worker Member Benefits 

Workforce Development is one of the most important economic issues facing Colorado and the nation. The critical labor shortage of skilled workers before COVID-19 – men, women, minorities, and military veterans – impacted the electrical contracting industry and its future growth. Now, in the time of the pandemic and ‘shelter-in-place’ orders, maintaining and repairing critical electrical infrastructure for existing residential, commercial and industrial buildings, new construction in progress, the transportation system, and the overall electrical grid that powers our lives, is essential. 

The crisis, economic downturn, the CARES Act, SBA lending, increased unemployment payouts, and parents now home-schooling have resulted in unintended consequences such as lay-offs, increased worker resignations, and employee furloughs. This challenging situation is impacting worker availability and in some cases, hiring new workers. 

To help address the great need for skilled workers, as well as provide opportunities for aspiring electricians, IECRM will host its first Virtual Career Fair on Thursday, June 11. Details will be forthcoming so please visit for regular updates. While the April and May Career Fairs have been canceled, this one will provide support for IECRM’s open enrollment for the next class that begins in August. We also hope it will help meet the hiring needs of our members.  Sign-up for a virtual booth now; free for IECRM contractors.

As our members continue to fill positions and find needed workers, don’t overlook one of the most valuable benefits to IECRM contractors: the Hire List and Borrowed Worker/ Loaner List

The IECRM Hire List is a continually updated list of individuals with varying levels of electrical experience that IECRM Contractor Member companies may use to find and hire new employees. 

The IECRM Borrowed Worker/ Loaner List is a continually updated list of companies that have a surplus of workers to loan, and companies seeking workers, on a temporary basis.

These lists are exclusive to IECRM members in good standing. Click here to access the hire list or loaner list (please call 303.853.4886 or email to obtain the password).

If you are an individual seeking employment with an electrical contractor

Please email or call the Compliance Manager at (303) 848-2496 request to be added to the Hire List. IECRM does not guarantee employment. IECRM acts as a clearinghouse only. For additional details, click here.

If you are a contractor seeking to hire from the Hire List

IECRM member contractors may access the Hire List at any time on the member resources page. IECRM acts as a clearinghouse only. You may call 303.853.4886 or email if you do not have the password.

If you are a contractor seeking to use the Borrowed Employee/Loaner List

IECRM member contractors may access the Borrowed Employee/Loaner List at any time on the member resources page. You may call 303.853.4886 or email if you do not have the password. IECRM serves as a clearinghouse only; contractors will contact each other to make arrangements. For additional details, click here.

How the Hire List works: When IECRM is contacted by a prospective student or an individual interested in working in the electrical field — including the people we meet through career fairs, hiring events, and through the various outreach for our award-winning apprenticeship program — we schedule them for an initial meeting with our Training Department. At this meeting, we learn about their experience and background, conduct a math test, register them with the Office of Apprenticeship, and get them excited about a career as an electrician and the IECRM electrical apprenticeship program. Then, they are put on the Hire List, and now it’s up to our contractors to contact them and give them a great opportunity!

How the Loaner List works: When a contractor has a surplus of good people that he/she would like to keep when work is slow, they can be offered to other contractors as part of a short-term lending program. Notification can be made through IECRM or directly to a Contractor wishing to utilize the program. Benefits: The “Home Firm” maintains its nucleus of personnel without having to pay people to sit at home or send them home without pay. The “Host Firm” is able to find competent temporary help for short term needs. The electrician will not lose time during a slow cycle at his “Home Firm” and the IECRM members participating in the program will be able to maintain a qualified workforce without layoffs or the time, effort, and expense of hiring for a limited duration.

Please note:

IECRM will simply act as a clearinghouse and maintain a list of contractors interested in considering such a program, which will be made available to any contractor member upon request, as a member service. However, IECRM will accept no role and take no responsibility for arranging placements, suggesting referrals, setting terms of engagement, or otherwise becoming involved in agreements reached between interested contractors. Click here for more information.