Hire List / Loaner List

The IECRM Hire List is a continually updated list of individuals with varying levels of electrical experience, that IECRM Contractor Member companies may use to find and hire new employees.

If you are an individual seeking employment with an electrical contractor

Please call the Compliance Manager or Training Manager at (303) 853-4886 and request to be added to the Hire List. IECRM does not guarantee employment, IECRM is acting as a clearing house only. For additional details, see below.

If you are a contractor seeking to hire from the Hire List

Please call the Compliance Manager or Training Manager at (303) 853-4886 and request to be sent a recent copy of the Hire List.

IECRM is acting as a clearing house only.  We will gather and maintain names and completed application forms from electricians seeking employment with an IECRM contractor, and will provide a list of apprentices accepted into and participating in the IECRM apprenticeship program.  However, IECRM will not accept any role or responsibility in the hiring process, and will make no recommendations or referrals from the information on file, or take any responsibility other than maintaining a copy of the information provided by the job seekers.  Access to such information will be provided to any IECRM member upon request, during regular business hours.

The information will be maintained in an active format for a maximum of 30 days, or until we are notified that the individual has been hired, whichever comes first.

For those not participating in the IECRM apprenticeship program, applications will be filed in chronological order by date of submission; and apprentices, pursuant to federal regulation, will be ranked, and a list maintained, in accordance with the score received by the application during the interview process conducted by the apprenticeship committee.  The list of apprentices can also be requested by level of the apprenticeship program in which the apprentice is currently enrolled.

It is the responsibility of the Employer to notify IECRM if or when an offer of employment has been made to an individual on the list.  The notification should be made to the Compliance Manager or Training Manager by phone (303-853-4886) or email (info@iecrm.org) as soon as possible, but in any event within three (3) days of the position being accepted, so that our records can be updated and the name removed from the list of active job seekers.

Review of a written application or apprentice list, the scheduling of interviews, and the checking of references and/or any other activity related to the selection of a candidate for hire is the sole responsibility of the Employer.

All employers are reminded not to discriminate in their hiring practices based on any criteria prohibited by law.  All hiring should be based on an individual’s qualifications, experience and other lawful and legitimate work related reasons and business needs.

If you are a contractor seeking to use the Borrowed Employee/Loaner List

Please call the Compliance Manager or Training Manager at (303) 853-4886 and request to be sent a current copy of the Borrowed Employee/Loaner List.

When a contractor has a surplus of good people that he/she would like to keep when work is slow, they can be offered to other contractors as part of a short term lending program.  Notification can be made through IECRM or directly to a Contractor wishing to utilize the program.  The information will be maintained in an active format for a maximum of 30 days, or until we are notified that the individual has been hired, whichever comes first.


The “Home Firm” maintains its nucleus of personnel without having to pay people to sit at home or send them home without pay.  The “Host Firm” is able to find competent temporary help for short term needs.  The electrician will not lose time during a slow cycle at his “Home Firm” and the IECRM members participating in the program will be able to maintain a qualified work force without layoffs or the time, effort and expense of hiring for a limited duration.

Please note:

IECRM will simply act as a clearing house and maintain a list of contractors interested in considering such a program, which it will make available to any contractor member upon request, as a member service.  However, IECRM will accept no role and take no responsibility for arranging placements, suggesting referrals, setting terms of engagement, or otherwise becoming involved in agreements reached between interested contractors.

The following non-exclusive guidelines are provided solely for purposes of discussion and consideration.  Contractors interested in participating in such a program should also consider consulting with legal counsel before finalizing an agreement to lend or borrow employees.

Suggested guidelines for consideration

  1. Make the duration of the loan for a limited, but specific period of time.
  2. Communicate before the expiration of the time frame to either terminate the loan or mutually agree to extend it.
  3. During the loan period, don’t recall the loaned employee unless the “Host Firm” approves the change in advance.
  4. As “Host Firm,” do not entice or otherwise induce the employee to quit the “Home Firm.”  (We don’t steal each other’s employees.)
  5. Consider whether to place the employee(s) loaned on a leave of absence or other non-active employment status, or to keep them on the “Home Firm” payroll.
  6. Agree in advance how and by whom wages and benefits will be paid, what insurance coverage will be provided by whom, and on whose payroll the employee will be listed.
  7. Clarify to employees any extra or optional benefits to be provided by either the “Home Firm” or the “Host Firm.”
  8.  Confirm that the employee(s) loaned must perform adequately or they will be automatically returned to the “Home Firm.”
  9. Reach a prior agreement or understanding regarding whether holiday and/or vacation time can be used during the loan period.
  10. Recognize that liability issues could arise; and clarify, to the extent possible, who does or does not accept or maintain liability for specific issues or circumstances.

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