February 28, 2019

Membership & Events Committee FUNction Update

By Bryan Beckett, Office Sensei & Chair, IECRM Membership and Events Committee

Membership: What does it mean to you? Something you pay to be part of? Maybe. Or is it more?

A perspective and approach taken by IECRM’s Membership and Events Committee defines a membership as “Professional Development. Leadership. Mentoring. Engagement. Friendship.” These pillars are all alive and well within the IEC organization.

We recently had a committee discussion about the word “busy” and tried to expand on what that means. For me, instead of how busy I am with work, I talked about projects happening for the IECPrideStore, how my National IEC Industry Recognition Committee is streamlining National Awards submittals, and how I’m increasing participation with IECRM local events – all challenges I face as a business owner.

The point is, what you find in this association is more than membership; it’s a rewarding endeavor that gives back twice what you put in. I am never too “busy” for IECRM. In fact, to be able to give back, develop, learn, plan, and gain some of the best partnerships/friends is a pleasant distraction from my normal work agenda. These life building blocks would not have happened in my life had I not been an IECRM member. Participation is more than just dues. YOU and everyone in your company is a member of IECRM. Your membership with IECRM can produce emerging leaders, mentors, problem solvers, and most importantly, personal and professional growth.

So, I encourage you to recruit an HR manager, a Field Worker, your Accounting department or maybe the big boss to attend one or more of the upcoming IECRM events. But it doesn’t just stop there. Time is the essence of all things great. Engage, participate, and find your own professional development from the opportunities provided from IECRM, our Committee team, and other members that want to give right back at ya.

I promise it will happen. See you at the FUNctions below!

Click here to download a list of 2019 IECRM events.