July 6, 2021



Chris Hartenstein of BLS Electrical will always remember how he got into electrical work. “I was at a get-together as a young kid and remember hearing that one of my friends was getting paid good money to install plugs and switches. I thought to myself, ‘Well, I can do that.’ I applied for a job and got the position of residential rough installer. That is where it all started. I worked my way through many different industries including commercial, industrial, mining, and then industrial automation. In the middle of 2019, the opportunity arose for me to assist in starting BLS Electrical, Inc. here in Windsor, Colorado.”

BLS Electrical was formed from its sister company Black Label Services. “BLS had created a great reputation for instrumentation and automation. BLS Electrical, Inc. met the additional needs of our customers to have a full-scale contractor to assist in completing their projects,” says Chris.

Their initial vision was simple. “BLS Electrical saw the shortcomings and inconsistencies of service and quality of electrical construction here in Colorado. We decided to form a team that would address those issues and set a new heightened standard of quality and customer service. We also wanted to focus on bringing only those elements we wanted from all our previous experiences and leave out those elements that we did not want to be included or felt were not a great fit. We wanted to focus on providing a full-scale turnkey solution for all electrical, instrumentation, and automation needs. We certainly accomplished that.

Through our team’s hard work and dedication to our vision, we have now expanded to two locations in Texas and a location in Wyoming. BLS Electrical and Black Label Services now provide services in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah, and North Dakota, and more.”

How Has IECRM Been Instrumental in the Work of BLS?
“IECRM has been a driving force in assisting with the education of our team as well as elevating the quality of our workforce,” says Hartenstein.  

Since joining IECRM, BLS Electrical, Inc. has been active and engaged in every member and safety forum. “IECRM has also been an invaluable resource in support of electrical and safety education. Also, being a part of roundtable discussions with IECRM and other contractors gives us the ability to stay informed and be part of a different kind of team – a team that wants to see this trade grow and thrive.”

What work habits does BLS Electric emphasize and teach your employees and apprentices?
“The standard of quality and customer service for BLS Electrical is the foundation of our company and helps us maintain the high benchmark of work we pride ourselves on,” says Hartenstein.

Words of Inspiration and Wisdom
“People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care”- Theodore Roosevelt
“This rings true with both our team and our customers,” says Chris.