August 21, 2020

Colorado State University Global Receives 2020 Executive Strategic Initiatives Award from IECRM 

At the August 13 IECRM Summit Awards Ceremony, Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) received the 2020 Executive Strategic Initiatives Award from IECRM. The award was given in recognition for their partnership and collaborative work on behalf of IECRM’s Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program and the offering of additional transferrable higher education credit hours to further the industry and professional development of IECRM’s alumni careers.  

Each year, IECRM recognizes excellence in the electrical construction and green building fields with its prestigious awards ceremony. IECRM believes that now, more than ever, it is important to recognize excellence in the electrical contracting industry and celebrate the dedication and hard work of electricians as essential em ployees. “It’s also essential that we recognize our partners who are making a major difference in opportunities for our apprentice alumni,” said Marilyn Stansbury, IECRM CEO. “CSU Global has provided greater educational opportunities and services to students seeking to pursue subsequent higher education upon completion of IECRM’s four-year Apprenticeship Program.”

“CSU Global is proud to accept the 2020 Executive Strategic Award as part of our innovative partnership with IECRM,” said CSU Global President and CEO Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker. “CSU Global is committed to helping students find individual pathways to continued education and career success including helping modern learners utilize real-world experiences and training. We are honored to partner with IECRM on this program that supports electrical apprentices as they advance within their profession and train for leadership roles of the future by earning a bachelor’s degree.”

IECRM graduates facilitated through Emily Griffith Technical College will have earned up to 53 college credits that may be applied to a CSU Global Bachelor’s degree of their choice. “Fifty-three credits is nearly half of the credits needed for a bachelor’s degree and amounts to cost savings of up to $20,000,” said Paul Lingo, IECRM Training Director. “Getting an apprenticeship itself is a great value and sets you up for a successful career. The opportunity with CSU Global takes that value even further.” Students can learn more about the partnership and benefits here.

Credits earned at IECRM can now be transferred toward a bachelor’s degree in any area of study. “Getting a bachelor’s post-apprenticeship can go far toward maximizing the role a graduate plays, expands career horizons, opens doors for leadership, provides the skills to be your own boss, and drives your career to the next level,” continued Lingo. Also, IECRM graduates will receive a 10 percent discount on tuition at CSU Global through this partnership arrangement. “The credits and 10 percent discount off tuition are retroactive and up to 10-year alumni can qualify for this benefit,” he added.

Students and graduates transferring to Colorado State University Global will receive individual student success and advisory services from the university to assist in a successful entry, career coaching, and program completion. Marilyn added, “IECRM is thrilled to build bridges that advance our students forward in their careers and studies. The partnership with CSU Global adds tremendous value and opportunity for our members and students.” 

The unique construct of the IECRM/University relationship, the financial benefit to graduating IECRM apprentices, and the opportunity for career advancement for graduates underscore the importance of recognizing Colorado State University Global with the 2020 Executive Strategic Initiatives Award. “We couldn’t be more excited about giving them this award to honor the collaboration,” said Marilyn.