January 31, 2020

Code Question of the Month

You are sizing a 120/240V single phase service for a condominium with 16 units.  What is the minimum load demand (in kw) for cooking equipment that can be used?
The cooking appliances will be as follows:
16 units will have a 2.25kw cooktop located on the kitchen island
8 units will have a 3.5kw single oven located in the same room
8 units will have  a 5.75 double oven located in the same room
each unit will have one feeder for both appliances
A.  110kw
B.  53.26kw
C.  42.9kw
D.  34.76kw
E. 34.1kw
The correct answer is D.  34.76kw
(column C cannot be used for this calculation because the combined loads for any one unit is not over 8.75kw)
16 x 2.25kw = 36kw (x 39% = 14.04kw) column A
8 x 5.75kw = 46kw
8 x 3.5kw = 28kw
46kw + 28kw = 74kw (x 28% = 20.72kw) column B
20.72kw + 14.04kw = 34.76kw