March 30, 2021

Be a Voice on Issues Impacting the Electrical Industry

Colorado General Assembly. The Colorado Legislative session is in full swing. We’ve seen bills introduced regarding workers compensation, workforce development, retainage and oversight of apprenticeship.  In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for communications from IECRM and the Government Relations Committee asking for your engagement on legislation impacting the electrical industry at the state and federal level. We need your voice via in person testimony, written outreach through letters and emails, and phone calls directly to you’re the state and federal elected officials that represent you. IECRM has launched a new email which will be used to send out legislative updates and ACTION ALERTS requesting time sensitive response to legislative actions.

As we learned in late March, the revenue forecast has come in ahead of projection and as a result the state is expected to be in a better financial position to restore funding to agencies and programs that were cut in 2020 during the pandemic. This may also mean a greater overall fiscal impact to the state budget to fund initiatives pending in legislation.  

American Rescue Plan. The Governor’s Office and members of the Colorado General Assembly have launched a listening tour to receive citizen and stakeholder input on proposed solutions for how billions of dollars of federal stimulus funding should be allocated in Colorado provided through the American Rescue Plan.  Members in both parties have listed infrastructure and education as top priorities. Visit Build Back Stronger Colorado to participate in a session or provide comment. 

PRO Act. As you probably know, a radical change in labor law policy is pending before Congress. The Protecting Right to Organize Act or PRO Act, for short, is a direct assault on our business model and merit shop contractors! Across the industry it is important that we do our part to oppose this legislation and help support candidates that will aggressively oppose these kinds of extreme ideas in the next election. An additional and important way to engage is through financial support. 

PAC Fund. Make a difference by contributing to the IEC National PAC Fund. Even a small personal contribution of $100 helps. Or you can contribute a smaller amount on a monthly basis, (like $20 or $30). It’s really simple to donate online by clicking here. Due to Federal Election Commission requires all donations be made in personal funds. And if you give $100 or more, you’ll receive a White House Christmas ornament. Personal maximum contributions to IEC are $5000 per calendar year. In addition, you’ll also receive more information on PRIDE PAC each month through its newsletter, IEC Insider. Donations can also be made to support Colorado state legislative candidates through the IECRM PAC Fund…more on that in a future update.