May 28, 2021

Are You Ready to Become an IECRM All Star? Let us Power You Forward to Stardom!

We Power Up Your Business

Consider membership and join between now and July 1. Take advantage of IEC Member discounts and great opportunities to demonstrate that you are IEC All-Star material at the IEC National Convention & Expo in Denver, October 6-9.

If you’re not currently an IEC member, please contact IECRM to inquire about membership. Click here to learn more about IEC’s Rocky Mountain Chapter

Energize Your Business with IEC

IEC is a merit shop electrical and systems contractor trade association. Our core focus is to increase the professionalism of our industry. Through increased educational standards and training, we are dedicated to fostering a positive business climate for all IEC Contractor Members. We offer professional development opportunities, code and safety representation, emerging trends, and multiple conferences throughout the year. If you would like to ENERGIZE YOUR BUSINESS and help the industry grow, we encourage you to join our efforts to strengthen the electrical construction industry. 

There are 53 independent chapters (and growing) within the Independent Electrical Contractors Association. Each chapter works with local electrical and low voltage contractors to assist in the development of their businesses by networking with contractors just like you. We also provide a four-year apprenticeship program approved by the U.S. Department of Labor with nearly 14,000 apprentices throughout the nation. Our IEC National office offers opportunities for networking across the nation with forum groups and national meetings designed to help your business grow. 

Membership Comes with Powerful Benefits

IEC offers members a suite of career powering and business-building benefits you just won’t find anywhere else. The IEC Rocky Mountain Chapter is committed to your success where you work and live and offers the educational, networking, cost savings, and engagement opportunities to prove it.

Power Your Reputation Forward

Win awards and the acclaim of your peers at Chapter and IEC National level. Join as a new member and be eligible for nomination of your best work to win your local Chapter awards and IEC National Awards.

IEC National and IECRM are focused on industry advancement and business promotion for all members of the association. We provide vital industry support and leading programs for hundreds of independent contracting companies across the U.S. and the Rocky Mountain region.

What are you waiting for?  Start Powering Your Future Today!

Contact or 303.853.4886 for more information.