May 28, 2021



Revolutionizing the Way Contractors and Tradespeople Work Together 


Workforce Development is one of the most important economic issues facing Colorado and the nation. The critical labor shortage of skilled workers is impacting the electrical contracting industry and its future growth.

X3 is a full-time employer of Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC workers, who provide talent to commercial contractors on an as-needed basis. X3 partners with its clients through the X3 Full-Staffing Model to help better manage manpower needs.

Garrett Taylor has been in the staffing business for over 5 years, so when he was approached with the unique opportunity to open X3’s first expansion market, he knew it was an opportunity that was right for him. “I needed to be a part of the unique X3 model. My passion and goal are to help this industry grow and evolve,” he says. “I believe greatness happens when you’re truly passionate about what you’re doing.”

What is your Company’s WHY?  What is it you believe in?

X3 believes in revolutionizing the way contractors and tradespeople work together to change what it means to manage your workforce.

“With our full-time business model and unique client solutions, X3 is the future of construction employment. We are built on a full-time model versus the temporary model you may think of when it comes to staffing,” says Garrett. “We provide full benefits, much like a lot of our clients do to attract, retain, and provide a higher quality talent. Tuition reimbursement, life insurance, 401K match, 50% paid major medical plan, Paid Time Off, Holiday Pay, and a referral bonus program are examples of what is included in our benefits package.”

What is the most strategic service you provide to electrical contractors and to the renewable energy industry?

“X3 is based around a Full-Staffing Model. In short, this means we can help companies not only when they need additional staff, but when they are hiring staff for a project, and when they have additional staff on hand,” says Garrett.

“One of the most unique services we offer is X-RESERVE. When our clients are hiring for an upcoming project that is say 1-2 months out, they can send that quality hire to X3 to keep busy until their project starts, versus hiring them and floating them on a project they may not really need help on,” he continues. “It’s like having your own warehouse of tradespeople ready to go when you need them, which in turn saves our clients time and money all while acquiring credits.”

About the X3 Tradesmen name…where does it come from?

“Since we are different from typical staffing companies, we needed our name to be different. The X represents the three parts of staffing, the Talent, the Client, and the Staffing Company,” explains Garrett. “This is represented in our logo with the three parts of our X. The number 3 stands for the 3 trades we staff. Electricians, Plumbers, and HVAC workers. It shows our commitment to being true to our foundation.”

Tell us about your partnership with IEC National and IECRM.

Electrical is X3’s largest trade of the three it offers, so it is heavily involved in IEC in all of its markets. “We are involved in several committees, IEC National Emerging Leaders, and donate as much time as we possibly can to support and build our industry together. We value these partnerships as much as we value our clients’ partnerships,” says Garrett.

Tell us more about your Xceptional positioning. What is the underlying meaning?

“Our goal is to change the way contractors think about staffing. X3 is truly pushing the envelope on what it means to be a ‘staffing partner’. We don’t just want to provide talent to our clients, but rather adapt and help revolutionize the entire industry,” Garrett explains. “We hope to accomplish this by listening to our partners’ concerns and creating solutions designed to conquer those very concerns, all with the win, win, win mentality driving those solutions. We think that’s what being ‘Xceptional’ is all about.”

Favorite part of your job?

“I think the favorite or most rewarding part of my job is creating win, win, wins,” says Garrett. “This means a win for our client, a win for the talent, and a win for us. In our industry, nobody should have to take a loss for providing a service or product that they’ve worked hard to perfect. I love talking about partnerships versus the vendor mentality. When it comes to quality tradespeople, the only way to continually produce is to truly know each one of your partners. Some of my favorite conversations have nothing to do with the trade but rather taking the time to get to know the people I’m working with to build strong relationships.”