APPRENTICE Spotlight – IECRM 2020 Valedictorian -Juan Blohm, Namasté Solar

Doing What You Love is a Daily Inspiration!


This year’s Class of 2020 Valedictorian is graduating 4th-year apprentice Juan Blohm from Namasté Solar. Born in Venezuela, he credits his three older sisters and parents for where he is today and the person he’s become. “My sisters were very formative in my life and were hugely inspirational to me,” Juan says. “My parents supported getting an education above all else and my sisters are what you might say, ‘high achievers.’ They always encouraged me to do things right the first time, not settle for anything but my best, and to balance my doing things well to understand that failure is what I will really learn from in order to become better for it.”

Juan has been at Namasté Solar for four years. “When I moved to Colorado in 2016, I set my sights on working at Namasté because of its culture of social and environmental responsibility; to be a force for good in Colorado,” he says. “I tried several times to get them to hire me! Finally, they did and I’m thrilled to be working in solar and renewable energy.”

Current Projects…

“The solar and renewable energy sectors are what I love,” says Juan. “Every day is a new experience in solving problems at the job site, working my way through the detail and process of a project, and overcoming challenges.”

Most Successful Work Habits…

‘Doing it right the first time’ has been instilled in Juan since he was a small child. “I take a great deal of pride in leaving a quality imprint on whatever I do,” says Juan. “Along with that is striving to continue to learn, work safe, and avoid complacency. This is paramount.”

Hero; Greatest Role Model…

“Although I barely knew him, my maternal grandfather’s reputation for integrity and commitment to doing what he said he would do always had a huge influence on everyone in my family, especially me,” says Juan. “He passed away when I was five years old, but his example was always talked about and his integrity substantial and palpable. I knew from a young age I wanted to epitomize that.”

How IECRM Has Benefitted You…

“Simply put, IECRM provided the platform for me to learn how to become part of this community and profession,” he says. “The training I’ve received is so valuable and I am so grateful to have learned what I’ve learned.”

Words of Inspiration for Fellow Graduates…

I’d like to believe I am humble in that I recognize I know nothing of the challenges other people face in life – but I also recognize there are times where I’m foolishly riding a high horse,” says Juan.  “I have no right to assume anything of others, and I realize I still have a great deal to know and learn.”  

“I’d like to leave my fellow graduates with one last thought,” he says. “Find meaning in what you do. If you can do that, you will be inspired every day.”

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