May 2, 2019

A Career in Electrical is No “Alternative”

The skilled trades are a great, stable career – but often it doesn’t get characterized that way. There are many instances where working in skilled trades has been affected by “the stigma.”

Meet Londell Jackson, the newest member of the IECRM professional staff. Londell is IECRM’s Education & Workforce Development Coordinator and, as such, serves as the primary support for IECRM’s Continuing Education (CEUs) courses. He also is working to attract underrepresented populations to the electrical field for IECRM through his involvement in many civic and community organizations and several community outreach initiatives. Plus, he says he’s had a “spark” for the electrical field since he was 11 years old.

“My vision of my role at IECRM is to eliminate the notion that a career in the electrical industry is an alternative career choice. There’s no such thing,” he says. “While supporting continuing education for licensed electricians, normalizing entry into the electrical trade – all trades for that matter – is a top priority for me.” Londell is aggressively increasing the visibility of the apprenticeship program among various segments of the community who may be hesitant to explore an electrical career.

As Education Coordinator, he supports both students and instructors prior to, during, and after course completion. Additionally, Londell helps IECRM to establish CEU reciprocity agreements with states across the nation.

Londell is a sixth-generation Coloradan and holds a Master of Education degree from Regis University. He has worked with national, state, and local nonprofits for 20 years and understands the need for community development and education.

“I’m excited to be here at IECRM,” he says. “Stop by and say hello.”