February 15, 2016

6th Annual Holiday Party “I Love IECRM” Recap

IECRM Members and Partners received a “First Look” at IECRM’s New Building and Future at the 6th Annual Holiday Party “I Love IECRM”

On February 4, 2016 over 75 electrical and energy industry professionals came together at Balistreri Winery, located in an industrial area just North of Denver, for the 6th Annual IECRM Holiday Party, hosted by the Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) ( IECRM is the Rocky Mountain region’s premier trade association and educational institution for electrical and energy professionals.

This year’s holiday party “I Love IECRM”, was held in February, just outside of the traditional holiday season hustle and bustle, where IECRM members and partners came together to celebrate the New Year and the future and innovations of IECRM. The relaxed atmosphere of the winery opened up the opportunity for members and partners to visit and network with several professionals in the industry.

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Upon arrival, guests enjoyed authentic Italian hors d’oeuvres and were invited to sample over 15 of Balistreri’s award winning wines and participate in a giveaway drawing. The giveaways included a valentine dinner for two in Balistreri’s wine cellar and three generous Balistreri gift baskets each filled with a different assortment of goodies. Balistreri offered tours of its wine making facility as IECRM members exchanged business cards and the latest happenings at their companies. The buffet-style dinner, made fresh from Balistreri’s kitchen, included a savory variety sure to please everyone’s unique palate.

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Marilyn Akers Stansbury, IECRM CEO gave a presentation of the exciting innovations that are happening at IECRM and welcomed Chris Cumpton, president of Integrity Electric and member of IECRM’s Building Committee, to speak about the construction timeline of IECRM’s new facility and invite guests for a first look at the architectural drawings of the interior as well as color samples of the walls, carpeting and tile. Chris also shared the positive impact that IECRM has on his company and the electrical, energy and construction industry and why he “loves” IECRM.

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Marilyn Akers Stansbury gave a special thank you to the evening’s event sponsors, Allcable, Bauerle and Company, and CRS Insurance and recognized each company for their support and involvement with an IECRM box of Godiva chocolates. Katie Shobe, IECRM Marketing Manager and Emerging Leader program participant shared information about the upcoming Day at the Capitol and welcomed fellow Emerging Leader, Skyler Avants-Schultz, from Allcable, the premiere sponsor of the event, to take the stage. Skyler gave a stunning speech about why Allcable loves IECRM and how IECRM has made a positive impact in his professional growth. To wrap up the evening Lindsey Cox of 1st Electric Contractors, member of IECRM Board of Directors and Chair of the Membership and Events Committee, shared why she loves IECRM and gave a brilliant toast to the future of IECRM and its members and partners.

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IECRM’s Emerging Leader Program is a 6-month course designed to help advance the business skills and network of mid-career individuals that are on the trajectory for senior-level leadership within their companies and the industry. To learn more about how to get involved or how to nominate an Emerging Leader please email Kori Hemans, IECRM CFO at

“The annual Holiday party was organized a bit differently this year being held in February. However, the timing couldn’t have worked out better as we were able to give IECRM members and partners the very first look at the new facility. The event was a success, with over 75 industry professionals in attendance. The night was comprised of a healthy balance of half Industry Partners and half Contractor Members. I am excited about the future of IECRM, and am excited to be a part of it,” said Katie Shobe, IECRM Marketing Manager.


IECRM would like to extend a warm ‘Thank You’ to the guests that signed up to learn more about how to leave their lasting mark at IECRM’s new facility.

IECRM is on the move, keep an eye on your email to be informed of important dates and upcoming events about the move. To share why you or your company “loves” IECRM or for questions or comments please send your email to