February 2, 2021

Superior Safety SPARK Award Winner 2020: Magee Electric

How did they do it? At IEC National’s 2020 Awards Ceremony, Magee Electric, Inc. received the very highest honor of the Superior SPARK Award for Safety Excellence! Hear from Joe Magee, Safety/ Project/ HR Manager of Magee Electric, Inc

 Making safety important for everyone requires we build and maintain trust among everyone

Safety is a priority at Magee Electric. We make it a priority to have all of our employees OSHA 10 certified and trained in CPR and First Aid. We are active with IECRM/ABC monthly safety forums to keep up on the latest ideas and innovations to help create a safer workplace for our employees and the job sites they work on. We are proud to be a member of the Colorado Safety Association. 

Through our membership of IECRM, we recently received IEC SPARK Superior Achievement, a nationally recognized award for companies that put a priority on safety in the workplace.

Describe your company culture as it relates to safety.  If you believe you have a culture that emphasizes safety, tell us more about why that is

As a family-owned business we strive to treat our employees like family and that goes to safety. We’re fortunate to have employees that truly do look out for each other and have bought into our safety program. Our foremen do weekly toolbox talks on-site and weekly job site safety walks to evaluate the safety of their job sites. We feel like this gives the team added time to take a look around and prioritize safety, bringing awareness throughout the week. Our team is OSHA-10 certified and we do regular safety training critical to ongoing awareness among all our people.  

What is most important in assuring a safety culture? 

The key ingredients are trust, respect, and inclusion. Making safety important for everyone requires we build and maintain trust among everyone. Team buy-in is steeped in respect — the key to building a safety culture that allows everyone to participate. Inclusion brings across-the-board accountability and gives our apprentices an opportunity to speak up if they feel like they are put in unsafe situations. This inclusion philosophy has been critical to embedding safety into our company’s DNA. 

In terms of your employees, staff, and borrowed workers, what does it take to help them commit to maintain the highest adherence to safety protocols? 

Accountability, acknowledgment of a job well done, and training. You have to have accountability and the team needs to be united in doing the work the safe way. This starts at the top. If the top guys don’t follow the safety protocols we have in place, then the trickle-down effect happens. We just started a quarterly safety excellence award for our guys to highlight safe practices within our companies. The employees get to nominate a co-worker and we think this is a good technique to engage our team when it comes to safety. Training also is important. Our weekly toolbox talks engage the entire team in safety awareness on their job sites. We also do several other trainings for our team such as OSHA-10, Fall Protection Awareness and we do our CPR training together as a company.

How did winning the 2020 SPARK Safety Award impact your company and employees? 

Winning this brought us together as a company. This is a team award and when we accomplished this as a company we felt like it boosted employee morale related to safety. This is something that we are super proud of as a company.