March 23, 2021

Summit Awards Surprise Location Revealed

Summit Awards Surprise Location Revealed

At IECRM, we keep pace with the technological advances and innovations in electrical contracting. One way is through our annual Summit Awards, recognizing the best in the industry. 

This year, we are literally taking you to a whole new world! On Thursday, April 29th, we travel to the moon to honor and recognize the stars of our industry who have risen to embrace innovation, technology, and excellence. You’ll be transported to a virtual reality venue on the moon for an extraordinary experience using new cutting-edge, next-generation technology that will blast you out of this world. 

This will be an extraordinary opportunity to see colleagues you haven’t seen in a year. This venue brings us together in one virtual location— including live networking at virtual bars and lounges. Visit one-on-one or in groups with live conversation, and navigate through the virtual venue freely — just like an in-person event! 

All registrants will receive login credentials and a special Party Kit the week of the event to celebrate the event in style, filled with all the fixings for a great at-home or office watch party — including a gourmet charcuterie board, beverages, dessert, and more!

For event sponsors, IECRM will custom brand each sponsorship to feature you prominently within the virtual environment. 

So put on your moon boots, jump aboard the Summit Awards spacecraft, and get your tickets today. Early-bird tickets, Industry Partner tickets, and sponsorships must be reserved by March 31.