July 2, 2021

Operation Graduation

IEC National Board President & President of Bret’s Electric

Janet Martin, President of Bret’s Electric and President of the IEC National Board, is Zipping Across the Country to Ignite Excitement in IEC’s Graduating Apprentices

Hundreds of IEC apprentices are graduating across the U.S. this summer and IEC is celebrating their hard work, accomplishments, and bright futures through Operation Graduation.

Operation Graduation will follow 2021 IEC President Janet Martin and other representatives of IEC as they travel the country to speak at several graduation ceremonies. Get to know the graduates through photos, videos, and testimonials while you learn more about their local chapters through regional stats and accomplishments.

Click here to take a peek at graduation classes across the nation.

Our 2021 graduates have jobs, zero post-secondary education debt, and rigorous training in safety on-the-job. The job market is starting to roar back, but anxious college seniors are facing a different reality than IEC graduates as they struggle to find jobs while carrying mountains of college debt. 

“The electrical contracting industry, deemed essential throughout the pandemic, represents a stable, sustainable opportunity for all job seekers,” says Martin.  “Our industry has a critical shortage of workers, pushing wages higher in the skilled trades and making these jobs even more attractive.” 

Operation Graduation Spotlight Chapters 

May 11 IEC New England Graduation
May 14 IEC Montana Graduation
May 20 IEC Central PA Graduation
May 21 IEC Florida West Coast Graduation
June 5 IEC Rocky Mountain Graduation
June 10 IEC Oklahoma City Graduation
June 17 IEC Cincinnati Graduation
June 24 IEC Fort Worth/Tarrant County Graduation
July 8 IEC Atlanta Graduation

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