November 26, 2018

Membership Benefit: Borrowed Worker Program

Being an IECRM member comes with many key benefits, sometimes much more than you originally believed when you first joined. Many contractors and business partners join IECRM in the hope of receiving one specific benefit or achieving one goal, but then learn that many more benefits that hold much more opportunity are available to them.  

Common reasons for joining IECRM include networking, training and education, certification, influence, information, best practices, exchange of ideas and building relationships.  IECRM’s Borrowed Worker program provides a key benefit that is why many members join and other members don’t take advantage of.

How does it work?

When a contractor has a surplus of good people that he/she would like to keep when work is slow, they can be offered to other contractors as part of a short term lending program. If you want to utilize this program, you can work through the IECRM office as a central clearinghouse to place someone on the loaner list or access the list of available talent.

“IECRM simply acts as a central repository of contractors interested in considering borrowing workers,” says Brenda Magee, president of Magee Electric, who learned of IECRM and became a member through her company’s need for talent on a short term specific project. “The list and information is available to any contractor member upon request, but IECRM isn’t responsible for arranging placements. Arrangements and agreements are between interested contractors.”

IECRM maintains information about worker availability and contractor need for a maximum of 30 days, or until we are notified that the individual is no longer available or needed, whichever comes first.


The “home firm” maintains its nucleus of personnel without having to pay people when they are in between jobs, send them home without pay, or work slows.   The “host firm” is able to find skilled, temporary help for short term needs.

Working electricians will not lose time during a slow cycle and IECRM members participating in this program are able to maintain a qualified workforce without layoffs nor do they face the time, effort and expense required for limited duration hiring.

The guidelines to follow are on the password protected Member Documents page.  Check it out to see if Borrowed Workers are an option for your firm. /member-resources/iecrm-member-documents/