April 23, 2020

Inspector’s Perspective: State of Colorado Electrical and Plumbing Inspections Updated Procedures for COVID-19 Pandemic


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the indefinite unavailability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the Division of Professions and Occupations (Division) has temporarily modified its procedures for electrical and plumbing inspections. The modified procedures prioritize the safety of industry workers, consumers, and inspectors while preserving PPE and being mindful to minimize any impact on industry. Please note the procedures are subject to change at any time, given the dynamic nature of our current situation.

Moving forward, state inspectors will be ensuring that on-site industry personnel adhere to Public Health Order 20-24’s social distancing mandate and state facemask recommendations, making sure the inspection area is cleared of all workers during inspection. The current procedures do not require the job site to be completely cleared of personnel during the inspection. Instead, the inspector will require only the inspection area to be cleared during inspection. This procedure is in line with Public Health Order 20-24 that requires extreme social distancing and allows the state to preserve PPE.

For occupied interior residential inspections, permit applicants will be encouraged to elect our new Remote Video Inspection option. Guidelines for Remote Video Inspections are available on the Division’s Electrical Board and Plumbing Board webpages.

We appreciate your partnership and patience as we work together through this unprecedented situation.

Please contact the Division regarding via email at with questions or concerns.


Issued April 17, 2020