December 3, 2019


IECRM contractors, NECA members and state and local electrical inspectors recently held their monthly meeting to discuss National Electrical Code issues, interpretations, and implications for inspectors who assist electrical contractors in multiple jurisdictions in Colorado.

State of Colorado update: Solar

The State reiterated that those AHJ’s who were still conducting rapid shutdown testing of UL standard 1741 listed equipment are in no way discouraged from going above and beyond their daily duties and are entitled to do so.

Previously, meeting participants agreed to follow the State of Colorado’s approach to rapid shutdown compliance. The State does no further field-testing when inspecting an array utilizing equipment listed for rapid shutdown compliance. Those systems that are listed and labeled by a NRTL have been tested to UL standard 1741 to ensure compliance with the shutdown requirements. AHJ’s must ensure all listed and labeled equipment has been installed in accordance with its listing. That said the State is not discouraging any jurisdictions that go above and beyond and are performing any further rapid shutdown testing at inspections.

IAEI update:

The IAEI Rocky Mountain Chapter 88th Annual Meeting (16 CEU’s) will be moving to the Radisson in Aurora, located at 3155 S. Vaughn Way, Aurora, CO 80014. The annual meeting will be held on Thursday and Friday March 19-20, 2020.

IAEI announced that a scholarship program is in the works, with details to be announced soon. For information on meetings, locations, costs, and schedules for 2019-2020 classes please visit the IAEI website:

Xcel Energy update:

Any questions for evaluation in the field for service installations should be initiated from the builders call line: 1-800-628-2121 or

IECRM update:

IECRM reported it is now hiring continuing education and apprenticeship training instructors. To apply go to For upcoming continuing education classes (CEUs) for license renewal and more information go to

Field problems updates:

Question: How are jurisdictions measuring the distance for receptacle outlets serving dwelling kitchen countertops? NEC 210.52(C)(1) states it “shall be installed so that no point along the wall line is more than 24 inches measured horizontally from a receptacle outlet in that space.”

Consensus: Although 210.52(C)(1) states measured along the wall line, the intent is met from beginning the measurement from where the counter begins when abutted to a fixed wall, and not measuring along the 90 degree abutted wall line.

Question: How are jurisdictions approaching NM cables installed before the building is dried in?
Consensus: NM cables installed in a wet location, such as inside a dwelling before exterior finishing has been installed, shall be considered damaged and no longer suitable for installation. NM cables can deteriorate rapidly due to the growth of fungus or mold.

If you are an IECRM contractor member interested in attending these monthly IECRM/NECA sponsored meetings for state and local electrical inspectors, please contact Paul Lingo, IECRM Training Director,, 303.853.4886.