January 7, 2020


IECRM contractors, NECA members and state and local electrical inspectors recently held their monthly meeting to discuss National Electrical Code issues, interpretations, and implications for inspectors who assist electrical contractors in multiple jurisdictions in Colorado.

Starting December 1, 2019, applicants wishing to take the Colorado electrician’s licensing examination (exam) should contact the exam vendor, PSI, directly. The Division of Professions and Occupations (Division) is no longer requiring applicants to be pre-approved for the exam. Applicants may register for the exam on the PSI website on or after December 1, 2019.  PSI will permit an applicant to take the exam after confirming the following:

  1. Applicant has completed the required PSI registration process.
  2. Applicant pays the exam registration fee to PSI.

Applicants seeking a Colorado electrical license must pass the exam before applying for licensure at the Division. After passing the exam, applicants must complete the application for licensure for the Division of Professions and Occupations and demonstrate the applicant meets the minimum qualifications for licensure set by Colorado law. The application for licensure can be found on the State Electrical Board’s website

Please Note:

Per Colorado Electrical Law and Board Rules, you MUST have all required education and experience completed for the license type you are seeking BEFORE you are eligible to take the examination. Failure to meet the requirements before taking an examination could result in a referral to the Colorado Electrical Board and disciplinary action.

Per Colorado Electrical Law and Board Rules, it is not possible to obtain a Master Electrician (ME) license using experience only if you only hold an Apprentice (APE) or Residential Wireman (RW) license. You must first obtain a Journeyman Wireman (JW) license to gain the required supervision experience for the ME license. 

Xcel Energy Update: Any questions for evaluation in the field for service installations should be initiated from the builders call line.  1-800-628-2121

Field problems updates:

Question-Can Eaton type CL breakers be used in other manufactures panel’s?
Answer-Click here to find literature provided by Eaton for use of their CL breakers in other than Eaton manufactured panels.  The literature states these breakers ”have been classified by UL for use in place of UL listed circuit breakers in UL listed panelboards/meter centers.”  Consensus was the use of these breakers in other than Eaton manufactured panels may result in a voided panel warranty.




Question-Are jurisdictions requiring existing electrode systems be brought up to current NEC adopted standards with new service installations?
Answer-Consensus was yes.

Question-Are jurisdictions requiring hard wired wall mounted ovens to have a disconnecting means?
Answer-Consensus was yes, if they are hard wired they must be provided a disconnecting means other than the disconnecting means as described in 422.33.  Either of the means as described in 422.31 or 422.34 are acceptable. 

Question-Are jurisdictions requiring a supply side bonding conductor in place of the grounded conductor be utilized to bond non-current carrying metal parts ahead of the service disconnecting means?
Answer-Consensus was either the grounded conductor as described in 250.142, conductive raceways utilizing connections as described in 250.92(B) or a supply side bonding conductor installed in accordance with 250.92 are code compliant methods of bonding ahead of the service disconnect.

Question-Are jurisdictions requiring a grounding conductor be ran with the existing feeders for a structure that was in compliance when initially installed.
Answer-Consensus was no, the grounded conductor is permitted to serve as the ground fault return path.  Reference NEC 250.32B(1)exception No. 1

 Question-Are jurisdictions still requiring the inside of recessed lighting fixtures to be covered to prevent the infiltration of any paint or drywall mud.
Answer-Consensus was yes, recessed lighting (especially those utilizing thermal protection devices) shall be installed per their manufacturers listing.  Reference NEC 110.3(B)


If you are an IECRM contractor member interested in attending these monthly IECRM/NECA sponsored meetings for state and local electrical inspectors, please contact Paul Lingo, IECRM Training Director,, 303.853.4886.