February 25, 2015

IECRM and Local Businesses Reach Out to Veteran Community

DENVER, CO – Tuesday, February 24, 2015 – Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) ( recently hosted a roundtable discussion and luncheon in an effort to get local businesses more involved in hiring our nation’s veterans.

The event began with a presentation by Lida Citroen of Lida360 (, a marketing and branding professional who focuses on assisting U.S. veterans with their transition from military life into the civilian workforce.  She spoke about the difficulties that many veterans face upon separating from the service including having skillsets that don’t match traditional workplace environments, being unfamiliar with modern hiring processes, encountering resume writing difficulties, and other hurdles that often make it hard for veterans to find steady work.  Citroen also noted that while some veterans may have a hard time adjusting to civilian work life, most of them carry the most desirable employee traits from a hiring manager’s perspective, and, when given time and proper training, can successfully make the transition from soldiers to workplace all-stars.

According to Citroen, there are certain practices that a company can implement when interviewing and hiring veterans to make the process work better for both their company and prospective veteran hires.  The most significant of these crucial practices is for employers to understand and accept the differences between new veterans and traditional employees.  She also urges employers to create a ‘community within their company’ – for many veterans, military equals family, and forging this type of dependable bond can greatly help veterans adjust to new workplace settings.  Citroen also recommends that companies build slowly and intentionally, taking time to mentor new hires while simultaneously training them, and placing a high value on cohort and integration programs that assist companies with hiring, training, and retaining veteran employees.

“Through fellowship and education of transitioning military personnel, the IECRM Veteran’s Committee strives to advance career-minded veterans with electrical and energy profession opportunities located in the Rocky Mountain region,” explained IECRM’s Interim CEO, Kristin Kim Haynes. “Working with GI benefits, IECRM provides a career college, strong community leadership, and a resource for veterans to get connected with available jobs in field labor, engineering, sales and managerial career paths in our industry.”

The luncheon was sponsored by Lutron Electronics, Inc. ( and North American Video (, and was co-hosted with the IECRM Veteran’s Committee.

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