April 21, 2021


A Career Discovery Experience for High School Students and Job Seekers

In mid-April, IECRM launched AMPLIFY, its free pre-apprenticeship training program that begins on June 8, 2021. AMPLIFY is a dynamic experience of career discovery in the electrical trade for high school students and job seekers who are pondering their post-secondary careers or their next career move.  

“AMPLIFY is a comprehensive starting point toward a successful career path for students and job seekers who may or may not be aware of the career stability and advantages of a good job in a pandemic-proof, skilled trade with opportunities for advancement, lifelong learning and healthy compensation,” says Londell Jackson, IECRM’s Education and Workforce Development Coordinator. “Though free, the education content and certifications earned are valued over $400.”

IECRM has begun recruiting participants and creating strategic partnerships with its members, industry partners, community organizations, high schools, and county workforce development colleagues.  “With Covid-19 disrupting so many business’ daily operations, now is the time to step up apprentice recruitment,” says Jackson.  

Career and Technical Education counselors and teachers now have another option to suggest students consider while thinking about what’s next after graduation.  Not to mention, at the end of the 4-weeks, AMPLIFY participants will receive two certifications; OSHA 10 and CPR that can further be used to enhance a person’s resume. 

“For parents, this is a free program where your student can try out the basics of being an electrician,” says Jackson. “This career is sustainable for decades, pandemic proof, and upon graduation from IECRM’s four-year apprenticeship training program, graduates are 100 percent employed and have zero debt.”  

IECRM encourages students and job seekers to test-drive the electrical trade.  “Try it out,” says Jackson. “See if a skilled trade is for you. If you have the acumen and would enjoy the challenge.”  

The AMPLIFY program is taught by expert, experienced electricians, curriculum based on industry standards and establishes clear expectations for participants about what they will encounter on the job.