May 23, 2019

IECRM Energizing the Rockies — IECRM Instructor Appreciation Week

Throughout the week of April 29, IECRM instructors were recognized for the important role they play in the lives of our apprentices and for how they motivate them toward a successful career. A good instructor knows that our apprentices are the future of the electrical and renewable energy sectors.

On Saturday, May 4th, IECRM members, students, alumni, spouses, kids, and friends joined the NASCAR thunder along the Rockies for a fun night at the track. This was an evening of special races including Super Late Models, Legend Cars, Bandoleros, Trains, and Circle Drags.  

It was a great way to wrap up the week expressing our gratitude to IECRM Instructors and thank them for all their hard work and dedication to educating IECRM Apprentices and the future electrical professionals of the Rocky Mountain Region.