January 16, 2015

IECRM 2015 Legislative Priorities

IECRM 2015 Legislative Priorities 

The Independent Electrical Contractors–Rocky Mountain (IECRM) is a trade association for the merit shop electrical, renewable energy, and low-voltage industry with over 200 member companies grossing nearly $3 billion annually. IECRM is focused on possible solutions to issues that face the construction industry and business in Colorado. IECRM is supportive of solutions for issues from any source in the public or private sectors and is primarily concerned about the ability of our members being able to succeed and grow their businesses in Colorado.

For the 2015 legislative session, IECRM has determined the following priorities that would impact our members’ ability to prosper and grow in Colorado. IECRM would like to extend to all legislators and Governor’s office, the invitation to openly work toward solutions to business issues and allow IECRM to be a resource for construction and related business issues that may arise in the 2015 session.

Three principle areas of policy have surfaced for IECRM and the following policy statements are intended to generate debate and problem solving for those policy matters.

Investment in Education of Future Workforce:

IECRM has, for several years, worked to connect the process of education and training to the existing and future job market. IECRM has supported legislation to educate and train our adult populations for the future careers but also to revamp the K-12 educational process to include options for technical and vocational career choices for our young adults. IECRM will continue to support these efforts and changes as foundational to the success of our educational systems and education of our future needed workforce.

  • IECRM supports legislation that continues the process of reform in our educational systems for adult and vocational/technical career enhancement.

Investment in Colorado Businesses:

Colorado must make a conscious decision to invest in Colorado businesses. This investment comes in several forms, but each one provides not only the proper messaging to business about our future and stability for investment, but it provides tangible benefits to businesses that they can utilize to grow their business models.

  • IECRM supports any legislation that provides more protection for contractors during any construction defect litigation. Colorado’s current process has increased the liability to the construction industry far above a reasonable level.
  • IECRM supports the phase out of the Business Personal Property Tax by using new or existing revenues to back fill the fiscal cost of such phase out – savings of nearly $50 million per year.
  • IECRM would oppose revision to the Colorado Workers’ Compensation program unless such changes provide efficiency and effectiveness to the program for Colorado employers.
  • IECRM would support an on-going effort to reform regulatory processes:
  • Create educational focus on minor and administrative violations instead of a fine or penalty – estimated $40-50 million savings to business.
  • IECRM would support a reasonable solution to construction payment and retention issues in Colorado.
  • IECRM would support further expansion of tax credits/incentives for the hiring and training of future workforce in vocational/technical careers to include K-12 population, veterans and the unemployed.  Seek expansion of existing credits – $5-10 million.

Investment in Colorado Infrastructure:

There is growing demand for investment in Colorado’s infrastructure from buildings and facilities, roads and bridges, to water projects and IT systems. Investment in these areas not only begins the process of maintaining our state’s infrastructure but increasing our productivity. IECRM strongly believes Colorado must begin to prioritize these investments and continue to do so in the future. This will not only help to create jobs, but it was also protect our massive investment already made in these projects and will save the state millions of dollars in future costs.


Transportation is major key factor in economic development and the need for an efficient and safe transportation network benefits not only citizens but the business community as a whole.

  • IECRM supports the full transfer of General Fund revenues under SB-228 provisions to the HUTF and capital construction to repair and build our highway transportation system – $100 million first year and like figures for next four years – total of $500 million.


Cost of needed and future projects near $10 billion. No water-no growth.


Cost over $5 billion in existing and future needs.

IT System Development at State Level for New Systems:

$500 million in new IT systems could provide one stop shopping for licensing and permit issues for construction industry for counties and cities.

Colorado needs to develop a system that gives Colorado businesses the ability to have a single point of contact for many governmental services that cuts across state/county/city lines of authority. Many business industries in Colorado would profit greatly by having a web based single point of application for service such as licensing, applications and permitting.

  • IECRM supports the development of a web based system for business issues such as licensing, registration and permitting that creates a single point of application for multiple jurisdictions (state/county/cities).

We position IECRM as a partner to the legislators and leaders of the great state of Colorado.  Please call upon us at any time to help serve as an expert in our industry on issues that you find relevant to our craft.