February 2, 2021

Grand Achievement Safety SPARK Award Winner 2020: Accent Electrical Services

Participation is the most important commitment to a true culture of safety 

Are the tenets of Safety Excellence a secret? Hear insights directly from the Safety Team of Accent Electrical Services! At IEC National’s 2020 Awards Ceremony, they received the Grand Achievement SPARK Award for Safety Excellence. 

Core values support our commitment to Safety.

By keeping our core values of Integrity, Communication, Teamwork, and Commitment to Safety at the heart of everything we do, Accent Electrical Services can achieve Excellence from start to finish and from top to bottom. Our core values begin with integrity. Our morals are our ethical compass and they direct our desire to be fair and honest in our approach to everything. Often this requires a great strength in character that demands us to stand up for what is right even when it is difficult or unpopular. This breeds trust and confidence, which helps us to communicate courageously and effectively. The result is an unparalleled level of teamwork that ensures successful projects, long-lasting relationships — and safety in the workplace.

Describe your company culture as it relates to safety.  If you believe you have a culture that emphasizes safety, tell us more about why that is.

As a company that has firsthand experience with a life-changing catastrophic event, we have expanded our safety culture to exceed more than just the electrical industry standards. In fact, we now try to do as much or in some cases much more than the General Contractors we work with.

Our safety standards go above and beyond our specific trade expectations and partner with GC’s and other trades to ensure a more holistic and job-specific safety culture. 

By ensuring we are vocal and present in all aspects of safety, other trades often become more accountable and makes certain the jobsite as a whole, and everyone working there, is safe.

Additionally, we promote safety beyond the work environment and want our employees to think about safety in their day to day, personal activities. By continually providing information and resources on the importance of safety and providing them with tools for this, it can become second nature to them in all aspects of their lives. 

What is most important in assuring a safety culture?

We feel that the most important thing in assuring an excellent safety culture is getting all employees to buy-in. Without employee commitment, the program cannot function effectively or succeed in its purpose. We help facilitate this by having employees be involved in our safety culture by participating in safety meetings, on our safety committee, and ensuring they understand they have a voice should they need to discuss any safety concerns. Our committee consists of apprentices, journeymen, foremen, and office staff.

In terms of your employees, staff, and borrowed workers, what does it take to help them commit to maintain the highest adherence to safety protocols?

Participation is the most important commitment to a true culture of safety. We always encourage participation by our employees, staff, and borrowed workers to commit to the highest adherence to our safety program. We often express to employees that if someone does not participate and make safety the utmost priority, then changes will never happen, concerns can never be addressed and progress cannot be made. 

How did winning the 2020 SPARK Safety Award impact your company and employees?

Being a recipient of the 2020 SPARK Safety Award makes our team appreciate that the efforts and dedication to safety do not go unnoticed. Though proud of being a recipient of this award, we are always looking at ways to grow our safety culture and ensure that no other company has to endure a loss of life accident that happened on an Accent Electrical Services and United Insulators jobsite in 2018. Though this accident was no fault of Accent Electrical Services or United Insulators, the lasting effects of this tragic event help us strive to continually improve and bring knowledge to others.