September 13, 2011

FREE GPRO Certification for IECRM Members

GPRO certification at IECRM Denver CO

IECRM has partnered with the USGBC for a visionary skill training program to elevate the green building skills of Colorado workers and keep them competitive in the marketplace.

GPRO is designed by the trades for the trades. The courses assume that participants already know their trade, whether they are a plumber, electrician, or building operator. GPRO courses provide trade-specific information on sustainable construction practices that workers have not experienced on conventionally-built projects. The program materials and exam span the “green gap” between standard trade skills and the new awareness and skills required to successfully implement a green building project.

This course may be available FREE OF CHARGE! To see if you or your students qualify for tuition-paid training, contact IECRM at (303) 853-4886 for assistance locating a State Workforce Center. You will need to ask for the SESP Scholarship qualifications and mention this course specifically.