November 26, 2018

Contractor Spotlight: Jake Jackson, Juniper Mountain Electric Get the Life You Desire and Deserve

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our new Spotlight section features contractors, alumni, and apprentices


Jake Jackson and his partner and wife, Bonnie, own and operate Juniper Mountain Electric.  Jake was raised on the Western Slope of Colorado where he grew up without electricity or indoor plumbing.  Looking to the east, Jake soon realized that Denver had more opportunity than his hometown. So he headed to the big city, went to college and graduated second in his class.  

His chosen field turned out to not be very rewarding for Jake so he switched to the skilled trades in 2000 and enrolled at IECRM as an apprentice in 2001.  He graduated from IECRM in 2005 and later began teaching at the school.

Jake founded Juniper Mountain Electric in 2011 and in 2014, Bonnie joined him to run the operations and administrative side of the business which has grown ever since.

Jake’s customers often say that Juniper does fantastic work – from large-scale commercial to small residential.  According to customer testimonials, the Juniper Mountain team is known for their reliability, honesty and personalized service.

Favorite job…

Jake is without a doubt at total ‘people person.’ “The jobs I enjoy the most are the smaller repair calls,” Jake says.  “The customers are always so happy to have me there helping them out, and I have one-on-one quality time with them allowing me to explain the work as we are doing it.”

Most successful work habits…

“I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking to help me deal with the many challenges of running a small business,” Jake says. “Sometimes a simple smile can make me and people around me change their outlook.”

Keeping up with the changing electrical code is another habit Jake is diligent about.  “IEC is a major resource for me to remain current with code changes,” he says. “Sometimes I become aware of code changes through actual work or when one of my apprentices points it out.”

Jake finds the political world and pending legislation that could affect his business fascinating.  “It is critical that I know I have a voice and a vote that I can leverage through the legislative affairs and work on capital hill that IEC does for independent electrical contractors,” he says. “This gives me an opportunity to participate, show up to hearings and even meet with government decision makers.”


“My Dad is my hero,” says Jake. “His discipline, work ethic, and loving heart provides me with a role model of the man I want to be.  He’s always there for me with an ear to listen and advice forged from years of hard as well as happy experience.”

Best Advice for Apprentices and Colleagues…

“Take time to look at the challenge you are facing. If it seems overwhelming remember there is always someone you’ve no doubt met in this trade that you can seek out with your questions,” says Jake.  At IECRM, I made lifelong friends and I still talk with several of the people I studied and apprenticed with when I am not sure on something.”

Jake also makes sure that his apprentices know that IECRM is for them, even if they leave Juniper.  He’s their greatest cheerleader, encouraging them to finish their training and ensure their futures.