June 16, 2016

Call for Nominations for 2016 IEC National Awards


Calling All Nominations
for 2016 IEC National Awards

IEC National is pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 IEC National Awards! Recipients of an IECNational award have been vetted and recognized among the industry’s best by their peers.

We urge chapters and members to take advantage of this exciting opportunity and submit a nominationtoday. If you believe that you’re one of the industry’s best, now is your time to show us.


If you are nominating a project for an Excellence in Construction Award, be sure to use the checklist of application materials on page 25 of the Awards Brochure. Photos are critical to each nomination so make sure to take photos during and after your project. Download the official 2016 IEC National Awards Brochure Here

IEC National in partnership with CNA, our premier safety partner, is currently acceptingnominations for the IEC-CNA Safety Awards. The application for the IEC-CNA Safety Awards is in the Awards Brochure. 

Award winners will be announced throughout IEC Con 2016, October 26-29, 2016, in San Antonio, Texas.

Submissions for the SPARK Program are also now being accepted. This program was designed as a method for you to evaluate your company’s safety program by giving it a “safety check-up”. Companies that rate themselves Grand Achievement, Superior Achievement, or SPARK Achievement, will be presented with a SPARK Recognition Certificate.

The deadline for all categories and submissions is August 19, 2016.