December 10, 2011

2011 Common Code Violations

code violation

110.3 (B) Installation and use
110.12 (No Paint Cable Ect.) Integrity of Electrical Equipment
110.16 Arch-Flash Hazard Warning
110.21 Marking (Voltage, Current)
110.22 Identification of Disconnecting Means
110.24 Available Fault Current (A) Field Marking (B) Modifications
110.27 Guarding Live Parts (Ballard’s)

200.6 Grounded Conductor #6 or Smaller continues White and Gray
210.4 (B) Disconnect Breaker Ties
210.4 (D) Grouping
210.5 ID Branch Circuits 120/208 3 phase A=Blk B=Red C=Blue ID
(MC Cable in ceiling need to ID)
250.94 Intersystem Bonding Terminal
250.119 ID of Equipment Conductors #6 and Larger

300.11 Securing and Supporting (Secured in place to grid ceiling)
300.11 (A) LV Supporting FA Cable 760.24 & Comm. Cable 800.24
NM Cable (Romex not allowed in conduit) 300.9/310.8(C)/334.12(B)
314.15 wet or damp locations Conduit bodies and fittings
334.30 Nm Cable (Romex) securing and supporting 12″ Box/4-1/2 Ft.

408.4 (B) Source of Supply (Panels)
410.130 Electric Discharge Lighting Disconnects required
422.52 Drinking Fountains GFCI Protection required

Tony Lopez
Chief Electrical Inspector
Development Services
City & County of Denver