September 26, 2019

The Future of the Electrical Industry

Where is the electrical industry going and who is going to take us there? Both IEC National and IEC Rocky Mountain Chapter have identified some of our very own emerging leaders. Together we are working on leadership and the pathway to a better future for our industry.

The electrical contracting sector as a whole has started to provide emerging leaders with the tools to help grow and strengthen their careers and professional development opportunities. As part of this, we are taking the time to better understand the potential challenges and begin to develop solutions through working groups of emerging leaders. This is helping us gain insight and understand the challenges/opportunities our members face in the future while developing new skills for these new leaders.

It’s true that while the electrical industry has tens of thousands of leadership positions, only a small percentage are filled by emerging leaders. By definition, an emerging leader is not just defined by age, but by many factors and characteristics belonging to an individual based on years of experience in different roles in the electrical contracting business. 

Everyone, not just a select few, has the potential to become known as a leader. Emerging leaders recognize the power of influence without authority, position, or title in their quest to become known as a leader of others.

Among the impressive group of twenty individuals recognized nationally as Emerging Leaders this year,  five are with IEC Rocky Mountain member companies: 

  • James Enright, Corey Electrical Engineering 
  • Leighland Gutierrez, Courtesy Electric Company
  • Katie Hobbs, InPwr
  • Michael Megara, Weifield Group Contracting 
  • Mike Stoole, Bret’s Electric 

Meet and congratulate all of IEC’s Emerging Leaders at IEC Convention & Expo 2019 during the Welcome Reception at the St. Louis Ballpark Village on October 2nd. #WeAreIEC #BuildTheFuture #IECUinSTLOUIS