April 21, 2021

REMINDER: Aspire Higher and Take Advantage of IECRM’s CSU Global Partnership

A bridge to the future for apprentices

Last year, we launched our partnership program with Colorado State University’s Global Campus (CSU Global). For the first time, IECRM apprentices were able to transfer credits from a completed apprenticeship towards earning a bachelor’s degree at CSU Global. It continues to be available to all IECRM apprentice graduates today.

This IECRM partnership with Emily Griffith Technical College and CSU Global provides greater educational opportunities and services to students seeking to pursue subsequent higher education upon completion of their Emily Griffith apprenticeship program, including the four-year IECRM Apprenticeship Training Program.

IECRM graduates who have earned up to 53 college credits may apply those credits to a CSU Global Bachelor’s degree of their choice. “Fifty-three credits is nearly half of the credits needed for a bachelor’s degree and amounts to cost savings of up to $20,000,” says Paul Lingo, IECRM Training Director. “Getting an apprenticeship itself is a great value and sets you up for a successful career.”

Apprentices are co-enrolled in IECRM and Emily Griffith Technical College. Emily Griffith grants college credit for the coursework and the on-the-job training (OJT) that apprentices complete. Credits earned at Emily Griffith can be applied toward a degree at any of Colorado’s community colleges, however, those degrees are limited to associates of applied science in applied technology. Due to the unique partnership between Emily Griffith and CSU Global, these credits can now be transferred toward a bachelor’s degree in any area of study offered through CSU Global.

Additionally, transfer students will not be required to repeat competencies already achieved. Grades of a C or higher will be accepted and applied toward the appropriate degree or university certificate programs.

CSU Global also will award a 10 percent affiliate tuition discount to all qualified IECRM/ Emily Griffith graduates, including alumni from up to 10 years. Reverse transfer of credits may also be applied to complete a Colorado associate degree. Plus, students and graduates transferring to CSU Global will receive advisory services from CSU Global to assist in successful entry and program completion.

IECRM President and CEO Marilyn Akers Stansbury adds, “IECRM is thrilled to build bridges to take our students forward in their careers and studies. The partnerships with CSU Global and Emily Griffith add tremendous value for our members and students.”